D’EYEKO is here and it comes in a form of Princess Syahrini in Cakrawala.


Here is the product, the one that reach for the skies and glare with every bits of princess aura surrounding her. With this much of attitudes, they definitely gets attention on their own.

Somehow the L and R lashes are not identical, the R one have cat eyes with winged lashes on the outer corner while the L one is equal on each sides (outer and corner).

Probably not suitable for the shy =^__^=


These are my before after usage of Cakrawala. Like usual the lashes is so light since it was made with natural hair, I do have difficulties on using D’EYEKO before and since been told to use it from the outer corner to the inner, it’s been almost like a piece of cake ever since.

D’EYEKO is not like most lashes where the string is plastic, they were a string of cotton. So it was very dent. By having it stick on one corner and gently put it on the other (inner side) is easier in terms of application. Always ready with a cotton bud or anything that have slightly pointier than the fingers to help putting the lashes properly.

And I must say, the glue provided is barely make a mark for me, I prefer other brand of high quality glue since they stick longer and better. Usually when I’m using the glue provided1-2 hours is the maximum hours of the stickiness and I ended up with half lashes hanging on the eyes.


I must say, I like this design and looks good on it ^___^ and have anyone notice I’m using it backwards, as in the left for the right and right for the left since I want a bigger eyes look with the more lashes in the middle than the corner. I know many bloggers out there reviewing the exact same thing and use it accordingly R for right and L for left, so I figure to do it differently ^__– But it ended up looking similar since the R and L lashes given already looks different than the other haha! Oops, I think the QC need to be upgraded.

Yet, underneath it all D’EYEKO still gives that same quality of natural hair, lightness and the feeling like I’m using none, with a powerful impact on the user to be a princess-like alluring beauty and attractiveness.


Thank you D’EYEKO.