Hi makeup lovers,
nowadays there’s so many makeup infused with skincare, brands which produce skincare usually has a makeup line inspired by their skincare line. So they create a coherent products from the skincare all the way to their makeup.


Light Analyzing Moisture Foundation SPF20/PA++ (Powder Type)

This powder type Light Analyzing Moisture Foundation SPF 20/PA++ delivers optimal light for a luminescent complexion is infused with super antioxidant Astaxanthin to minimise oxidation of sebum on the skin surface, and hydro-soluble Collagen to retain moisture in the skin.
  • Resistant to perspiration and sebum for long-lasting coverage.
  • Provides light to medium coverage, perfect for summer climates.

* Case and puff each sold separately

Key Ingredients:

  • Astaxanthin
  • Collagen
  • Light Analyzing Powder


  • 9g

Available Shades


This is the product, a red case with ASTALIFT imprinted on it, looks sophisticated and glamor at the same time, probably due to the daring red and golden words. The casing, sponge and powder all sold separately, so when purchasing them please do take care the lovely casing, since it has good quality material and a huge mirror attached to it.

I get mine in BO OO which is Beige Ochre 00. It’s not the lightest shade, I think the lightest one should be Ochre 00. But it works surprisingly well on my usually “demand the fairest of them all” skin tone. Perhaps in the ASTALIFT world there are more fair skin as they are a brand from Japan. Japanese ladies can be so fair and have a skin of with the touch of white as snow.


Here it is a powder with the title of foundation yet feels light on the skin. I’ve used it alone and after a liquid foundation. If one’s want  a full coverage use it with a liquid foundation and then the powder, but when lightness and natural look desired, this powder foundation alone is enough.

I’ve tried using it with a foundation brush and apparently sponge is a better option, the sponge helps the texture of the powder to be distributed more even, especially on a moist skin. I love to keep my skin moist and any makeup which keep the moisture intact is a good makeup.

I know a matte skin used to be so popular but I always hate it since it looks so unnatural. A skin should be glowing and radiant, but not as glowing as oily and greasiness heehee, just that lovely glow which looks natural and healthy. So a powder is still needed but not the one that suck all the life out of the skin. Just the one that enhance and beautifies, like ASTALIFT Light Analyzing Moisture Foundation. Which also have SPF 20 PA ++ for around 5 hours of protection against the sun.

The powder itself sits on my skin around 3-4 hours before the next touch up (outdoor) and 4-6 hours (indoors). Able to reflect lights very well (seen on the image where there’s zero blind spot) and smooth plus soft to the touch. The skin feels good and not dried up, a good solution for us living in a summer all year long.

Thank you ASTALIFT Indonesia.