Helloooo ^_____^

I’m just happy I can sit in front of my laptop and write again. Thank you so much for everyone, I’m much better now and can sit properly again … but not too long heehee, gradually I will regain my health. Surgery is not a thing we should take lightly and always consider it as the last option, I know I do, since it is super painful X__x

Now, back to the topic of health thingy, skin is one of the organ we need to protect every single day. By keeping them clean, moist and away from the bad side effect of the sun. Is it possible? Yes, if we live in a cave and only goes out 15 minutes during the morning and hide for the rest of the day. So? It is impossible to hide from the sun? Solution? Get a sun protection.

There are a rack full of sun protection in every drug store, cosmetics, and even supermarkets. From the one that waterproof, tinted, spray, gel, cream, lotion, to tanned formula. It’s like a jungle out there. But I need one that I can use daily with my makeup on without ruining it and easy for a quick touch up anytime I want to.

I’m glad to say this, “I found one!”. Belif Awesome Sun Powder SPF 50+ PA+++.


I met this products months and months ago (I think it’s almost a year now) and still loving it as if it was my first love. The attractive packaging and bright yellow color is something hard to be missed.


Sold for Rp 240.000 in Indonesia.


Here’s inside the packaging. A pot of compact powder, mirror and a puff. Hmm, where’s the sun protection? It’s the powder!


Perfect for those who hates sticky sun protection, glossy sunblocks, white cast caused by lotion of sun screen, and those who can’t find the exact same tone of sun lotion for their skin where it might be in BB Cream or tinted moisturizer.

The powder has a light texture and transparent after setting. So it doesn’t even visible to the naked eye. Since it is not a lotion/gel/cream/water it doesn’t have the side effect of products with those kinds of texture.

We need to use sun protection daily and for me this powder is a wonderful addition to my daily routine since it can be done after the makeup is set and retouch anytime.

How to use:
Carefully use the puff and puff away everywhere on the skin where’s needed, facial and/or body, and make sure all the parts are covered. Use it anytime I feel like it and since it is SPF 50+ it does stay all day long. I do touch up after sweating or getting wet (ex: by rain).

Who do I recommend the product for:
Anyone. Men, women, boys, and girls.


Thank you Belif Indonesia.