Hello sunshine,
like seriously, don’t you think the sun shines brightly these days? I feel the sun has been glaring at me everyday and the heat is just too much.

I like to use sun protection but let’s face it, some are just too sticky and not an all in one, face and body product. Most of the good stuff are for the face, either tinted or in a form of a BB Cream or CC Cream. They are great alright, but the skin on my body need some attention too.


Look what come knocking at my door yesterday? Yes, Biore Singapore has sent me these goodies. A bowl, a love letter, lemon and their newest item from the BIORE UV family. Aqua Rich, a watery essence water based SPF 50+ PA+++

I wonder why there’s a lemon in the set? Oh, the freshness of Aqua Rich and there’s lemon extract in the ingredients as well. But the bowl? I guess when life gives me lemon, I made lemonade? Or Lemon squash salad ^__^


This is the product. Long before this one come, I’m already a fan of Biore’s sunblock as they have this amazing lightness in every drop and water-based too. Say bye bye to white cast during photo shoot and hello to the sun without being afraid.

The packaging is neat (like most Japanese product), simple and all the details are written on the paper card attached to the tube.


Let me jotted down the fine prints:

Forget about the heavy, sticky feel of regular sunscreens! This water-rich UV Essence feels surprisingly light and cool, like water on your skin, absorbing instantly for an invisible, weightless finish.

With Biore’s breakthrough technology, the UV block ingredients are contained within the Aqua Micro Capsule to provide SPF 50+/ PA+++ protection while keeping your skin cool and refreshed.

And some other details ^__^

Double UV Block from the UVA (skin aging) and UVB (skin burning).

With Hyaluronic acid & Citrus extract to keep skin hydrated and healthy. Extract of orange, grapefruit and lemon is there.

Unique Aqua Micro Capsules releases moisture upon application, leaving skin with a cool, light feeling with a mild fresh fruity (zesty) fragrance.

Usage: Apply evenly on face after moisturizer and before makeup. Re-apply after excessive perspiration. As with all sunscreens, cleanse thoroughly with a makeup remover.


This tube is around 50g, I’m already getting ahead of myself feeling so sure it will be a very wonderful product.


There it is, a light yellowish creamy super light gel, it almost feels like a dense mousse. So soft to the touch and watery too. Moist in a hydrating way where the skin feels supple instantly with no oil or greasy effect whatsoever.


I place the Aqua Rich in several different places on a cleaned moisturized face.

I love the refreshing scent, indeed unlike most sun protection where I noticed that distinctive sun block scent. Aqua Rich different, different is good. 


I’ve noticed these tiny white spots when the Essence is spread, then by a simple massaging movement they are all gone. Without a trace. Like the skin just consume all of it. The feeling and sensation it gives is refreshing, hydrating and light, so light it was like wearing nothing.


This is the zoom-ed photo after 4 seconds massaging the essence into the skin. No pressure is needed, just gently rubs them on the skin. This is amazing. No residue, no greasiness, no oily, no white cast, no sticky feeling, no stickiness to the touch, just a soft hydrated skin.


Above is me after using the Aqua Rich, I love it so much and will definitely recommend the product to be used on daily basis, face and body, any gender and on almost any age (I have to check whether it is suitable for babies ^__–)


While other sunblock will usually ‘bothers’ the usage of makeup afterward, Aqua Rich wont.


love love love.

Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF50+/PA+++ is available all around the world including Japan and Singapore.