Hi lovelies,

not so long ago this particular item come knocking on my door from Lancome official twitter page, thank you Lancome Indonesia ^__^


I won a nail polish from Le Vernis collection in shade 26. When I first look at it, I thought it would be too dark for me, I was wrong, it was the color of love for me.

The tiny bottle carry adorable color of milky shade of roses. The thin liquid made it easier to be used, I need around 2 coats to achieve a solid color. The drying time also quite fast, 30 minutes setting in and 1 hour – 1,5 hour hardening.


Above is the colored nails in dim lighting and below with the sun glaring. Pardon my unsteady hands =^__^= but fret not, as I take a shower after that the parts where it touches my skin can easily be chipped off.


Aren’t they pretty?

I think it’s the shade that’s easily underestimate yet look so good on any gal’s nails.

PS: in using this nail lacquer, I didn’t use any base nor top coat.