Hi everyone,

first of all thank you so much for coming to the Beauty Class last Saturday in Plaza Senayan, the store was crowded thanks to all of you. It was a full packed, wall to wall guests who came that day, registered and non registered as well.

We will conduct another Beauty Class at Grand Indonesia on the 30th.

Details are given below:

And yes, you read it correctly as buy one get one free, since we know some of the guests did bring a friend along wink wink ^__–.

The event will be a series of wonderful knowledge in Kiehl’s products particularly the one that made your skin look flawless and less dark sposts, virtually. So everyone who come get a very clear idea on how it works.


The BB Cream (Read: HERE) work as a protector from outside, imagine an umbrella for the skin, while from within, there’s a product that I’m currently using called Clearly Corrective Deep Moisture Clarifying Cream, or let me called it as the Clarifying Cream, works from beneath, as a hydrating agent and helps correcting the skin day and night.


In the event all participant learn about the ingredients inside the BB Cream and how it works, and then I was told on how the Clarifying Cream work well with the BB Cream. First of all is the same ingredients, Vitamin C.


On the direction also mentioned that Clarifying Cream to be used with UV Protection such as the BB Cream that contain a high SPF level of 50 PA +++. Which means it will protect the skin for 8 hours long.


There are many types of UV rays but the one that effecting the skin in harmful way is the UVA and UVB. It can cause the skin to age and create dark spots.


We did learn a lot from Kiehl’s that day, so don’t forget to sign up and see you all there soon!


Here are the products I used along side with Clarifying Cream:


Powerful Strength Line Reducing Concentrate, Line Reducing Eye Brightening Concentrate, and many more.

Not to forget the BB Cream.


I also have some samples (yes, Kiehl’s are well-known for their abundant generosity of samples) which I use as well.


So the Clarifying Cream can work it’s best ^__^

Details from www.kiehls.com :

Skin tone correcting moisturizing cream
• Highly effective, skin clarifying moisturizing cream intensively corrects uneven skin tone
• Provides continuous 24-hour hydration while visibly diminishing dark spots and discoloration
• Activated C helps diminish the appearance of skin irregularities and prevents the formation of new ones
• Instantly hydrates skin and provides long-term radiance
• Use after Clearly Corrective™ Dark Spot Solution and before sun protection
• Paraben-free, fragrance-free, colorant-free,  dermatologist-tested

My say:

The white cream is lovely, from the fresh flowery scent (from natural ingredients) to the light texture. Unlike most whitening/brightening product that exfoliate the skin, Clarifying Cream hydrating the skin so irritation wont occurred.  Irritation does make dark spots worsen or created in the first place.

So how does the Clarifying Cream works its way in creating an even skin tone? The Activated C. “To help deter the formation of new pigmentation irregularities on skin surface, the formula helps visibly diminish dark spots and discolorations for overall skin uniformity and clarity“.

And without being so heavy the cream gently penetrate into the skin without greasy effect nor oily feeling even thou it gives the skin 24 hour hydration effect. So far this is my favorite clarifying/brightening cream I have for being so light, gentle, effective and moisturizing at the same time.

Price sold in Indonesia is Rp.575.000.

And I never forget to top it off with the BB Cream right after the Clarifying Cream every day for a spotless looking skin.