Hi lovelies,

another Za is here. This time it’s the Ever Brows, specifically made for the brows ^__^


Mine is 02 the cocoa brown.

This is a very simple product, also so easy to used and practical. Compared to other similar product Ever Brow has several positive sides.

The colors are not intense as other brand, it helps avoiding super bold eyebrow which looks natural.
The dry crayon texture is perfect to draw a natural brow un-fail-able.

The no need sharpening is brilliant. I hate those pencils which need sharpening and then when I do sharpened them only to found the broken pieces as all the pencils inside easily cracked.
The brush is soft and user friendly, helping the brow to set easily and naturally.



it’s another ‘working’ product from Za that gives result without the burden of a high cost. Simple, very user friendly and works really well.