Hi all,

after last week event (Read: HERE), I went home with the Double Wear Ivory Cream and Natural Loose Powder.This two dynamic duo is ample in creating a flawless base for me.


I know Estee Lauder for around 20 years and this brand once has the prettiest gift set I’ve seen and one time there’s this loose powder. It was my first loose powder. It was my mom’s heehee, but it is the first loose powder I’ve used. I still remember how soft and light it is. Now, I’m pairing them together.

This is the 1N2 which is called Ecru Internationally, but in Indonesia it become Ivory Cream 39.

The cream looks so thick and rich, how I wish it comes in a pump not just a plain bottle, but later, I know why it comes in an open cap bottle without any pump attached.


Seduced by the Estee Lauder’s MUA during the event to use a brush for better application, I let the brush to do the job, and failed miserably. The cream create some lines and the worst part is they sticks on the brush badly. It was very difficult cleaning it. I have to use a makeup remover, why?

The cream gets dry super fast, I’m talking in a matter of seconds here. So seeing the strikes, I use my fingers (best tool ever) and blends everything, I think 1-2 minutes and the makeup has set. Like I can feel it actually hardening on the skin. Once they set, they wont budge. It stays with me all day long, I haven’t experience something like this before. Or at least not in the last decade.


This is how I look after putting on Double Wear. Most foundation gives a sticky finish (from very to slightly sticky), this one is minimum. Like they are air-dried. I did sweats thank to the hot temp, but the makeup stays undisturbed while other will starts to melt like ice cream on a hot pan.


Some of the cream that I put on my hand, I let it dry just like the face and did some testing. I washed it with soaps, facial wash, liquid dishwasher and how it goes? The foundation stays! It gives the skin a coverage like mask. Waterproof as well. The water stays on top of it and the soaps unable to break it down. It need a makeup cleanser. I have Take It Away (HERE) and it cleaned them well. Like really well. I’m sure a cleansing oil able to do the job as well.


After using Double Wear I don’t have to wait for the foundation to set, since it sets almost instantly, a loose powder is added just to make sure a soft finish. Mine is 01 Light.

Details from www.esteelauder.com :

Minimizes the look of lines

Luminous finish

This loose powder gives skin a luminous finish that minimizes the look of lines and wrinkles.

Special ingredients diffuse light as it hits your skin, creating a “soft-focus” effect that visibly smooths the appearance of your skin.

Powder Points

  • Flawless coverage
  • Luminous finish
  • Comes with a luxurious puff

    Loose Powder for a Flawless Look
    Loose powder is ideal for the sheerest, most natural finish, especially when applying your makeup at home.

    To use loose powder, tap the puff or a powder brush into the powder, then gently blow or tap off any excess. Pat or sweep lightly over face.


  • Dermatologist-tested


Equipped with a big puff somehow I wish the packet comes with big rounded mirror for easier touch up after long hours or when needed. Or I just love it better when there’s mirror ^__^

Hmm, usually Estee Lauder’s base appears fairer on the skin, but this one even thou’ it’s ‘Light’ still a bit too dark for me . . . and a bit reddish. 


For sure I don’t need a bronzer anymore. The texture is soft, light and fluffy alright just the tone that not exactly light enough for me. Perhaps, transparent should do the trick.

Use a big rounded brush for a flawless and enough touch, this time I literally can say, a small powder goes along the way thanks to the dry touch from Double Wear.

The image above is me with Double Wear and Lucidity on sunlight and below in room light


Looks darker right?!

Final look? After brows, blush on, lips and fake lashes.


Ta da! It looks natural, flawless, no photo editing needed and the look stay with me from morning till night thanks to the solid base. I just need a few touch up on lipstick and far lesser touch up on powders.

Now, back to why it is better in a bottle like this, the quick dry formula is the answer. A pump dispenser will be stuck in no time.

Overall? Must try!!