Hello lovelies,

This is a body care product from Too Cool For School, so they do have skincare (not just cosmetic) and body care. I’ve shared a review on their moisturizer before (Click ME) and now my husband also using it. Ultra Hydro Cream is suitable unisex and giving the skin a simple hydration that feels smooth on the skin.

I’m now trying Moringa Perfume Body Lotion, here’s some details from https://www.toocoolforschool.com

I’ve used Moringa collection from The Body Shop before so I pretty much already a big fan of Moringa’s smell, but TCFS gives me a lighter option and a more suitable for my daily use. Somehow the concoction smells fresher too ^__^

While a body butter is definitely heavier and the milk body lotion still feels a bit more stickier than TCFS Moringa Perfume Body Lotion.

The white creamy lotion is wonderful, I wish I can use it with the shower gel too, so there are layers of Moringa and the scent will ‘stick’ longer and better on the skin.

The lotion alone smells really good and last for 4 hours. Ideal for the skin all over the body. Sometime after shower I use different type of moisturizer for some body part, but with TCFS Moringa Perfume Body Lotion I use it on the drier part as well as on normal skin. The hydrating effect last for the whole day or at least until the next wash.

Overall, a very fragrant body lotion with Moringa as the main attention, perfect viscosity, not too light and not too heavy, not sticky, suitable for daily use and I love the cute packaging too. TCFS is famous for bringing attention and delights to the eyes and this one is no exception.