Hi everybody,

last week I was invited by ZAP to promote the new Beauty Center.

The location is still in the same place as ZAP hair removal, which is at Woltermonginsidi, Kebayoran Baru. With a cafe right below and free wifi, those who wait for our treatment can happily assist us and enjoy a nice meal . . . and I hope someday they’ll make it a non-smoking area, as it is inside an air-con room.

When I’m arrived the event already started, I blamed the traffic that day. The beautiful doctor is explaining about the treatments, how it works, and how to make it possible. The Q&A’s also run so well, the audience is excited and seems eager to know more. Who doesn’t?! The Photo Facial, Pore & Wrinkle Reduction, all sounds so interesting and too good to be true. Say good bye to dark spots, large pores and wrinkle never sounds easier.

With many promotions and comfortable spaces, I move on to the second floor to try on the treatments. I’m trying the one for the eyes.

Eyes? Yes, the Pore & Wrinkle Reduction is available for overall full face or just the eyes.

Below is the price list:

You may click any images to see it in larger view.

Now, as I enter the room, it was comfy and I must say, I’m a bit afraid, afraid that it might be painful. I see those machines and somehow got chicken out.

But I assured you the treatment is unlike those facial treatments in some places where pain is one of the key ingredients, here, the beauty treatments are comfortable and fast. Yes, very fast! In terms of treatment time and showing result.

From the machines for body, they also have a skin analizer, I get to know my skin’s age, wrinkles, lines, dark spots and other condition as well.

Now, let’s see the result of my eye treatment, shall we?!

A 10 minutes process has reduced fine lines at my eyes, visibly seen under the eyes but not the eye bags. The treatment start with cleaning the eyes, put a lubricant and massage the area with a metal thingy, 5 minutes per eye and done! Very fast right?! Now, I must say when using a contact lenses it is best to remove it first before the treatment so it wont keep being pressed. I feel discomfort when the metal thingy run on top of the eye balls.

And after the eyes are treated, ZAP kindly gave me a treatment for the tummy, since I have a lot of stretchmarks and the skin are sagging (so no image ya, I’m too embarrass to show anyone), the treatment is 40 minutes and it was comfortable. After the treatment, the skin does appears smoother and softer but since only the skin (not the muscle) so overall the area is still ‘going down’. So I need another treatment and ZAP will also caters the need of slimming ^0^ hooray!

Stay tune for more news regarding ZAP!