Hi all!

Another review about skincare from The Face Shop, these two are the result of my beauty swap with Hanna ^__^

 Here’s some details from the packaging.

Sebum Control Toner

This non-sticky, astringent toner formulated with Tea Tree Oil, lemon Oil, and Chamomile extract absorbs quickly to regulate sebum production for exquisitely clean skin.

Directions: Moisten cotton ball with toner and apply using gentle, outward strokes. Pat T-zone skin for added benefit.

Mild Emulsion

This refreshingly mild emulsion is uniquely formulated with Tea Tree Oil, Bisabolol and Sodium Hyaluronate to instantly soothe, hydrate and heal skin while the senses delight in the revitalizing fragrance of tea tree.

Directions: Gently spread all over place

The glass bottles is a bit heavy yet look luxurious, I love both of the scent, tea tree and lemony ^__^
Definitely fresh in terms of scent but on the facial skin, not really.

Here are the texture of the emulsion (in milky dew shape) and the toner (clear watery dew). The toner is light and mildly refreshing but I can’t seems to understand the word exquisite clean. For me it was moderately clean for my dry combination skin type.

It wasn’t drying, so the toner is pretty much comfortable even for my dry skin but still, it is best to be used daily for those with normal to oily skin type or combination oily skin. However those with very oily skin wont be satisfy with the product. Especially when adding the mild emulsion. It is a bit (just a tad) sticky on the skin too. For the skin to absorbed the mild emulsion itself tooks time. Perhaps since there’s mineral oil in the ingredient’s list or other ingredients that causes the mild emulsion feels heavy . … er than mild. Not really heavy but not mild either, since after emulsion, moisturizer is still needed.

Conclusion, if I have to choose then the toner is my choice as it does gives the skin a clean feeling. Both products smells great and refreshing but not really gives the skin a clean feeling that I expected. I’ll give them 6,5 out of 10 points.