Hi lovelies,

Details from Dove:

Memang benar yang dikatakan bahwa kecantikan berawal dari dalam. Karena itulah Dove Essential Nourishment Body Lotion diformulasikan khusus untuk meresap hingga jauh ke dalam*.
Tidak hanya melembabkan permukaan kulitmu, Dove juga memberikan perawatan mendalam** untuk kulit lembut dan halus lebih tahan lama.

I love all Dove Body Lotions including this one. Since Jakarta is so hot and humid I uses this one at night or during a flight or traveling only. Or perhaps when the skin feels really dry. The lotions feels rich, smells comforting (like a bit flowery, a bit milky and creamy) and so luxurious with DeepCare Complex where penetrates deeper into the skin and provide longer moisture or hydration to the skin.

Unlike the Fresh one, Essential Nourishment definitely feels richer on the skin with silky effect too. As see when the product applied and gradually melt on the skin, massaged and absorbed, it will leave a glistening effect on the skin for being so creamy. Those suffering with dry skin will enjoy this lotion the most since even thou it gives high level of moisture the lotion still feels comfortable without being too much.

Suitable to be used in long term (like above 18 hours) and in dry air conditioner room. Normal – oily skin may uses it night time only or when needed, while dry skin may uses it day and night.