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A dual action Volumetric Lift:
Lifting Action: sagging eyelids recover a young, lifted look.
Contouring Action: natural firmness is visibly regained and the eye contour appears redefined.
Dark circles and puffiness seem to disappear. Youthful eye contours return: skin is visibly lifted, firmer, and reshaped.

– Sagging eyelids recover a young, lifted look.
– Natural firmness is visibly regained.
– The eye contour appears redefined.
– Ophthalmologist-tested. Dermatologist-tested for safety.

My review:

I’ve been using this light creamy lotion for the skin around the eyes for the past weeks and I enjoy the gentle and soft feeling. So far from being too thick, rich nor creamy. That means’ no grease, oiliness or discomfort. I’m a contact lens user and an eye cream that’s too creamy will eventually ‘spills’ into the eyes and blurred my vision. This one, doesn’t do that.

On the image above the lotion seems pearly white, but after spread-ed between two ring fingers somehow reflect a purplish pinkish hue. Interesting!

The lotion quickly absorbed and leave no traces on the skin, the area applied seems softer, less stress and calm.

I don’t have dark circles, so I can’t testify about that particular issue, but the area seems firmer against the puffiness. Fine lines does reduced and maintain the youthful look, but my best interest is on how soft it is and the comfort of using it everyday.