Hi everyone!

Recently there’s a brand called Too Cool For School that enters Indonesia and it created a bang since the product itself are cute and unique. The signature style is out of the box, daring and ultra cool.

This is one of the item handed to me by Too Cool For School Indonesia, the Virgin Gloss Stick and mine is in Shine Pure Pink, No.1.

Product detail and one image is from https://www.toocoolforschool.com

The product comes in 5 shades where all provide high shine lippie.

The frost pink looks so pale and suitable for that pink nude look or on top of other lipstick. This is the first time I have a shade so cold, it’s awesome!

The packaging is cute, trendy and young. Open the cap and spin it open, very smooth movement. You’ll understand what I meant after you’ve tried them. I tried them on my sis’s the other days and it gives her a different look with youth she deserves.

My sister using the Virgin Gloss Stick.

When using it it feels like a lip balm with some ‘grid’ felt on the lips, fragrant and feels smooth afterward. The feeling and frost last for around 2 hours.

Thank you Too Cool For School ^__^

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