Hi everyone!!

I’m back with Palgantong!!! It’s one of my ultra favorite brand in cosmetics, why? They deliver result!

Now, I’m so happy and honored that Plus One Asia keep sending me these wonderful goodies, after completely satisfy with the Theatrical Powder (Read it HERE), I’m reviewing the Glow Skin Base in Gold Rush and Brilliant Jelly Shadow in Blue Topaz. Jelly? Oh, it’s gotta be good!

The Glow Skin Base also comes in Aurora Pearl, which now I really want to try, who doesn’t longed for a glow like a beautiful (princess) Aurora. In pearls.

I’ve published a press release (click HERE) for the whole Jelly Collection and more. There are so many interesting products there.

Now, here it is the Glow Skin Base in Gold Rush.

This is the product I have. Yes, it’s a makeup base which to be used after or before the foundation, depends on the effect wanted. For overall glow, apply it all over the face before BB Cream/foundation. For enhancing a particular part or some parts, apply it on the area needed after BB Cream/Foundation.

Here’s a swatch of the product after usage on my hand.

It looks sparkly, like gold dust has been sprinkled on my hand. The texture is so soft and away from stickiness. The creamy gold easily glide on the skin and I can easily spread all over or in particular area.

This is my sister, she is going to a fancy party, yes, I use my Palgantong on special occasion only and my sister deserves this ^__^

These are her ‘after’ shots (at the end of the post you’ll find the overall ‘before after’ photo-shoots):

Thank you sis ^^

I use a foundation brush (but using fingers alone would be great as well) and spread the Gold Rush all over her face. I want to add that glow to her skin without being heavy since the makeup base is so light.

Then followed by foundation. I think the Gold Rush when used all over the face would be suitable whenever I want to enhance the overall radiance on the face and under a foundation/BB Cream. I like it for night usage or when I want to have that lovely sunset glow.

After the foundation, Theatrical Powder is applied. The long lasting loose powder is a must have in every household.

Then I move to the eyes, start with the eyebrow and then the jelly for the eye lids.

It’s gooey and wonderful. Intense in color with added sparkles.

I’m head over heels in love with the texture, like a jell-o. Sparkling topaz jello. Here’s a swatch on my hand.

Even the sparkles are in Blue Topaz as well, almost to the green.

I use it as a base for her lids and it lit up the whole eyes.

Below is the ‘before after’ overall look. Before with nothing but moist cleaned skin and after, the whole process including Gold Rush, Blue Topaz, Theatrical Powder, foundation, fake lashes, blushes, eyeliner, mascara, and lippie (not in particular order).

Overall, the Gold Rush will add the skin more glow in an instant if used beneath base (just like my sister), and if use above the base makeup it will enhance to a theatrical level or if use on some parts only, will added that part a different look, kinda like bronzing/highlighting.  The Blue Topaz Brilliant Jelly Shadow is a true definition of brilliant in terms of colors, it pops! I use it as a base for other eye shadows or alone all over the eyes for that glitz and flirty look.