Hello lovelies!

I’m back with Hada Labo collection, currently in Indonesia Hada Labo carries 3 range, this is one of them, the one that start it all, the one that create a lot of buzz out there, and it’s the one and only ………….  The hydrating or moisturizing range.

I’ve done a review for the face wash a while ago, back in my Singapore days.

Read my previous review: HERE.

Later I’ll give you a review on comparing the hydrating face wash with the whitening series. Stay tune for that one ^__^

And here’s more, a set that I get from Hada Labo Indonesia, the lotion and milk too.

And here are the texture and review.

The lotion is clear, water like with more weight, it’s like a halfway going into gel-form. Gives the skin instant hydration, unique and unlike toner where sometime may dries the skin, the lotion gives moist and supple effect. No fuss, no frill, no scent either, just pure hydrating to the skin.

I can see why people are head over heels on the lotion alone. As it is low in irritating ingredients, gentle to the touch and for those who have dry skin? Instant comfort too as the lotion does relieve the skin from dryness. Those cracking and chapped skin? They’ll enjoy the lotion the most. No, I’m not suggesting anyone to wait until the skin dehydrated to use the lotion, use it as a prevention too.

Now the milk. A milky lotion, not cream not gel, a milky lotion. So easy to absorb and suitable to be use with almost all skin type. In Jakarta where humidity and heat take part, this milky lotion might be the correct form to hydrate the skin every day. The milk easily spread on the skin and leaves no trace of dryness anymore. The skin hydrated longer with the light feeling. If you’re not used to using any moisturizing then this would be a perfect solution for you.

The 3 items here will gives the skin:

 A clean hydrated feeling that can be used with any skin type, dry skin preferably but yes, still any skin will need hydration. As the lightness of the 3 items, even oily skin will enjoy the light hydrating effect, you do know that oily skin is caused by lack of water/hydration.

My advice? Try them and experience why is it a big hit (and it’s not just because the price is very affordable).

Thank you Hada Labo Indonesia.