This is my ultimate favorite perfume of all time 🙂
The first time I know this perfume is when I was in high school and remember how famous it was. Like all the girls are using this perfume. The fresh floral fruity scent is a big hit and loved by many. Now as 16 years has passed, it is still one of my most favorite perfume of all times.

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Acqua di gio blends fresh notes of melon and pear with an armful of hyacinth, jasmine, rose and lily. At the base, a wake of musk and sandalwood caress the senses with sensuality and serenity.

I love how the fruity notes first started to burst, followed by the floral and calmness of everything in the base note. The scent for me even thou it is edt, it stayed almost the whole day and I love every time I sprays it on my clothes it would stay until the next day. The scent is wonderful, beautiful and elegant in a very light and refreshing way possible.

Imagine myself in a garden filled with summer flowers and fruits, ladylike but still in so much fun and effortless beauty.