Hi all!
Everyone who uses makeup knows that the best way and the easiest way to use makeup is with brushes. Out there in the wilderness got so much brushes in different prices and brands. Which one is good without being too pricey.
Kay Collection kindly given me these brushes and seeing their prices, they are affordable alright, so, let’s see their quality ^0^
Thank you for all of these 5 brushes:
102 Large Powder Brush
320 Round Top Brush
317 Angled Brow Brush
216 Small Dome Brush
221 for eyeshadow (No details given)
And on below, let me show you how I use it ^__^ and please do click on any image to see the details in larger view  aka the price heehee.
Large Powder Brush
Large round brush to apply loose or pressed powder perfectly. Also suitable for body. Natural bristles.
The brush is big and very perfect to be used for an all over use. And in case of emergency can also be use for the blush by pressing the brush on the root to make it expand less. The bristles are fine and comfortable to be used. I may say, it surpasses their prices. There are many brushes out there with the similar price yet worst in terms of very harsh stroke and painful to be use.
Masami Shouko Large Powder brush is not one of those low quality brushes. They are gentle. Although’ you need to work it for the first use, so the powder will goes in and the bristles can ‘catch’ the particles and later blend better on the skin surface. The long bristle is very handy and gives better and smoother appearance for the powder, makes it a soft finishing look.
Very useful for the body parts as well, adding dimension or make the skin tone even, or ^^ glitters! This brush is perfect for that tiny glitters as well for all over the body. For hair? Dab a bit to the glitter powder, tap it until so it wont be huge clump of glitters, then gently swipe only on the outer part or your hair. Not on the scalp ya, avoid the scalp at all cause.
Overall, a very handy, affordable brush for your face, body and even hair ^O^
Next is Round Top Brush. The one with the white bristle on top, cute!

Round Top Brush

Round top with short and dense bristles delivers flawless makeup, including under the eyes, and around the nose. Also for a seamless application of products on the cheeks.

The brush a round type where it is pretty dense alright and perfect for a precision look. Under the eyes usually sweats easily and it need more attention since the skin is far more delicate and thin. The brush actually helps the products to ‘spread’ finer. Same goes with the area on the sides of the nose, where for some people with chubby cheeks (me) it is a bit covered and need a good brush like this one to handle the matter. And it work like wonders. I thought it would be the most useless brush of the bunch and I’m so wrong. All day thanks to Round Top Brush those area that was hidden are covered by the powder better. It doesn’t break nor crack.

How does it possible? With normal size brush, it usually doesn’t touch that small corner, so there’s more leftover and uneven look when the nose is moved sideways. With the Round Top Brush the bristles actually goes in the way I needed too and the area covered evenly and right down to the middle. This product is an inspiration for me and the price is so friendly as well ^0^

Angled Brow Brush

Ideal to fill and define eyebrows for a natural look. Suitable for all types of products.
The Angled Brow Brush is a precised brow, a bit tense and it is use for the brow, creating a more define look and it is so affordable (again, but hey, all of them are affordable with quality). Very easy to be used, you can try the edges or just stroke it after blending it with any eye brows product or even eye shadows.
Small Dome Brush
For a precise application on the crease, inner corner, outer corner, upper and lower lash line. Ideally shaped to create a smokey-eyed look and to smudge pencil liner. Natural bristles.

The small brush is a bit (really just a bit) tense at first and very ticklish to be used on the lower parts of my eyes. I use it to draw my eye liner with colors from eye shadows. It helps a lot for being small but for me it’s not 100% precise. It’s close to precise, thou. The good news is it can be used with eye shadows product, gel eyeliner, and help smudging the pencils too. And you kinda need a bit tense bristles like this one to help smudging the pencils. So in a way, it work!

Last, but definitely not least, 221 for eye shadow

I found no details nor information but I don’t think it is needed, the product is pretty simple, clear and so does the function.
The bristle is gentle and so soft. Perfect for the eye lids. It helps the shadows blends in better than tools provided in most eye shadows products. The bristles delivers the color and it doesn’t hold back so when you apply another color it wont be mixed over. Very good for makeup trends right now where eye shadows used in multiple tones.
Later after putting some colors, in the middle of the different tones use the same brush for blending them, lovely!
Overall, all of Masami Shouko brushes are in a very good quality and affordable price range.
Here are some added details:

To maintain the shape and condition of your brushes
Wash your makeup brushes or puffs with cold water and mild face wash to keep them oil free and dirt feel
Line flat to dry
For hygienic reasons, replace brushes every 3 months

 In Indonesia:

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Thank you so much Kay Collection for the products!