Today I’m gonna discuss about hair care ^^

Since my hair is dry due to multiple colorings and I know many of you also have dry hairs because of chemical process such as coloring, perming, straightening, etc. So we need those products specially made for our problems. The thing is for me, I live in a very hot and humid country so sebum and oily scalp sometime bothers me. Most products does tackle the dry hair but cause unbearable oiliness on my scalp, yikes!

Now, how about these very affordable series from the hair maestro, Mr. Rudy Hadisuwarno? Let’s take a look shall we?!

Details of the products from

Hair that has been through chemical processes, such as coloring, perms or straightening can be damaged so that it looks dry, dull and not shiny.

This encourages Rudy Hadisuwarno to consistently develop care products, which can restore the beauty and health of your hair, especially after being subjected to mechanical and chemical.

Now, the Maestro has brought Sunflower Series. The content of the extract sun flower seeds (sunflower seed extract) which is proRevitalizing has been proven to maintain hair color after dyeing, to prevent damage after mechanical and chemical treatment and care for normal hair condition. In addition, sunflower seed extract work best on hair and scalp also has benefits:

     as anti-free radicals, to overcome the negative effects of free radicals in the air such as dirt, dust, and fumes of motor vehicles
     rich in protein, minerals and polyphenols stabilizers to overcome the negative effects of chemical mechanical cosmetic treatment of hair and hair styling tools (electric)
     UV filter / sun guard, protecting the hair from the negative effects of sunlight

Daily shampoo that is safe to use every day. Serve to cleanse the hair and scalp and hair moisture so that care is always soft and glowing.
     Conditioner is used after shampooing, work to care for your hair moisture and protect it from the negative effects of sunlight is more intense.
     Hair Tonic, use conditioner after. Serves to maintain the hair color from fading, strengthens hair roots, the source of nutrients the hair and scalp, improving hair dull and dry to be healthier and more lustrous.
     Hair Mask, used 3-7 days after mechanically treated hair. Hair mask serves to cleanse the scalp of the fat and impurities, residual chemicals hair products, remove dead skin cells to rejuvenate the skin, protects the hair from the negative effects of the sun, and maintain hair color is always shiny.

My review:

The shampoo is lovely and easy to use plus the cleansing properties are just right. It helps to remove the excess sebum at my scalp yet gentle to the colored hair. The scent in the series from shampoo, conditioner, mask and tonic is all almost the same, a bit fruity and a lot of floral, feels the freshness of the sun but a bit too sharp for the tonic wise. I like the mask the most, not just the moisturizing properties that I found the highest and perfect for dry hair (avoiding the scalp during usage) also for the sweeter scent than the rest.

The conditioner is too light for me, I think I need a whole more than that. Rudy Hadisuwarno Cosmetics in terms of conditioner I think is always light. I’ve used the ginseng series as well and it is more light than the sunflower’s. I suggest you get the mask instead of the conditioner. The good news is usually I give it to my child (elementary school age) the conditioner and it fit her normal hair well. Not too heavy for healthy hairs indeed, and men (the one that never done anything to ruin their hair) may also use it and like the non-sticky effect.

This is the bottle (inside the box) of the tonic. The liquid is watery, so careful not to let it drip to your eyes. And there’s a slight warm feeling on the scalp, which means it does contain alcohol, if you dislike the alcohol, drop it in a small cup and let it sit for a while until the alcohol evaporate before touching your scalp. Like mentioned above the scent is a bit sharp and different from the lovable ginseng series ^^ But I like the fact that it have more moisturizing effect than the ginseng. Either way it’s your choice and all of their products is not instantly visible in terms of result but for being very affordable, many people will enjoy it for daily routines.

Thank you so much Rudy Hadisuwarno team for the products.