Hi all!

Last night I was invited by BRAND’S for their love for the shining 30’s “Beauty Starts From Within” Campaign. One particular product is Brand’s Bird’s Nest.

We’ve know Brand’s for decades and it’s all because of their Chicken Essence’s drink which was proven for quality and efficacy. So, Brand’s keep on researching and developing supplements for customer not just for the brain, for our look too, where now we can say, “We got the beauty and the brain, too!”

A friendly and intimate dinner is presented where Ms. Imelda and Ms. Agnes shares with us the wonderful news regarding Bird’s Nest drink from Brand’s. Here’s some information from http://www.brandsworld.co.id:

Burung walet dengan air liurnya membuat sarang untuk kemudian berkembang biak di dalamnya. Burung walet awalnya menjadi konsumsi kerajaan China dan selanjutnya dikenal sebagai produk premium yang dipercaya memiliki banyak manfaat. Secara turun-temurun, sarang burung walet dipercaya untuk meningkatkan kesehatan terutama pada saluran pernafasan. 
BRAND’S® Bird’s Nest with Rock Sugar mengandung sarang burung walet asli pilihan. Jumlah kandungan sarang dalam BRAND’S® Bird’s Nest banyak dan berkualitas, sehingga bisa dilihat di dalam botolnya dan dirasakan pada saat mengonsumsi. Cerebos memproduksi BRAND’S® Bird’s Nest with Rock Sugar di pabrik sendiri dengan standar internasional dan teknologi modern.
BRAND’S® Bird’s Nest with Rock Sugar dipercaya dapat membantu membersihkan paru-paru, menguatkan sistem pernafasan, membuat kulit lebih berseri dan mengurangi panas dalam.
Dengan mengonsumsi BRAND’S® Bird’s Nest secara rutin dapat menjaga kelembapan kulit, sehingga kulit tetap sehat dan tampak lebih berseri.
A doctor also in the house, dr.Nadia (if you join my live tweet last night, you can read her presentation) shares how skin is our natural barrier. It need to be taken care from many harm from environment, stress and lack of water. Bird’s nest contain ingredients that helps the skin to be moist longer and better. Yes, healthy is our focus here, by being healthy, beauty will come along.

And Ms. Imelda shares how she and her family has been consuming bird’s nest since she were young. The difficulties of selecting the right quality to troublesome in preparing the bird’s nest until it is ready to consume have been tremendously helped by Brand’s Bird’s Nest. So the question now is just, why not?

Why not consuming a bird’s nest which was proven from centuries to be a great health drink in the most convenient way possible?

You’ve got the facility by Brand’s, assurance of quality and guarantee from the process. It’s all in one small bottle. And you’ve must been wondering about the taste now. Hmm, shall we?

Grab a bottle and open it, a ‘pop’ sound is heard and it’s the assured of safety unopened sealed cap.

From the clear bottle you can see the clear ingredients, it’s bird’s nest as it’s best with a slight hint of rock sugar. Not overwhelmed, just fresh and nicely done. Better served cold, but it’s good in normal room temperature, ready to eat and please do not put heat, it’s like a dessert and they are good as a dessert as well.

 How does it taste?

If you’ve drink a bird’s nest before, you wont be surprise of the texture which is like a mix between soft jelly and jello. Pleasing mild sweetness. I like it. I’ve been consuming bird’s nest too and I know how it can be created as many dishes, especially cold dish. Brand’s Bird’s Nest is perfect, they have the taste, ingredients, and portion for one day.

Age wise? Suitable for any age, preferably above 2 years old, safe to be drink by anyone, male/female, sick or healthy and pregnant women as well. What are you waiting for? Try one yourself right now, available in any reputable supermarket, drug store and markets.

Slurp up!