First you’ve gotta see the invitation! Click for larger view.

Today I’m going to share an event from Rudy Hadisuwarno Cosmetics and it is still fresh as the event is recently (yesterday).
Thank you Rudy Hadisuwarno (Team) for sending me the invitation and I’m allowed to bring a few bloggers with me along.
Arrays of products are there and they have discounts and giveaways as well. The guests are also treat with free henna painting (which uses PAC body painting) and free photos with Moroccan theme. And I get to have my picture taken with Ibu Martha Tilaar.
In fact the whole thing is themed with Moroccan from the clothing, venue and just everything there because one of the key ingredients is Argan Oil from Moroccan. Without further ado (well actually after more than an hour late) the event is finally starting.
Ibu Martha Tilaar is here and great all of us.
After a small speech they introduce the product . . . in a more interesting way. Drama!

The three princesses is having troubled hair, dry, rough, and tangled. They are looking far and wide for anyone who can save their hairs. They are all hair abuser. Well, like most of us heehee.

Then they called for maestro, a hair maestro that non other than Mr.Rudy Hadisuwarno that treated their hairs with Hair Intense Repair Serum, a serum with pomegranate and argan oil from Moroccan that contain omega 3 and 9 for a hair that correct PH on our hair.

The serum proud for the 5 actions treatment: soft, glowing, and manageable hair. Non greasy and non sticky. (I’ll share you a review soon)

And last but not least the event ended with many many giveaways for every guests. I got goodies bag, hampers and movie tickets and one of the blogger also win the first prize, a bicycle ^__^ woopie! Don’t forget the iPhone 4s, iPod touch and many more. I guess it’s just how they say: Thanks for coming ya!