I know you probably wont read this post in the morning, but let’s just imagine you do so \^0^/ As morning is fresh, so does we want our look to be, fresh! And this one handy thingy will help you get there.
A Givenchy Eyebrow Show, mine is no.1 which is dark brown and I think it would be a very good addition to my normal black pencil brows I have. Plus I do have a more light colored hair as well, they’ll go along for sure.
Let’s see the product, and the price.
As many other pencils for brows Eyebrow Show also equipped with brush to blend the look more a more natural allure.
First let’s see my ‘before’ picture. I got some spaces and need more arch. In this post you’ll also witness how a brow can make someone looks so different. More refined and ready for the day.
Start by drawing the brows, some beauty specialist advice to always start from the outer side of the face toward inside. Since the inside part is slightly larger and need more adjustments than the edge. You can learn wherever you want about making your brow, from visiting beauty salons to stay at home and watch the youtube. But I advice you to know your own face and play with it for a while, make different shapes that suitable for you and you like it, or better, loving it.
After drawing it, always brush it so they’ll blend well. The brush of Eyebrow Show is pretty firm and able to help the blend well. The dark brown color also quite vivid but if you want a softer look just applied the pencil without too much pressure and brush it all the way.
As seen, the before and after is so different and now I like the trend of a more bushy eyebrow, but again, no boundaries, feels free to draw your brow like you want them to be, but remember the thinner they are the older ones face usually look. And too much arch also create an unfriendly face, again trial and error okay 🙂

This is my after look when I finished both of the brows, and I like to keep it original and not so symmetrical. Some love the exact copy while I prefer to follow the brows. Nevertheless let’s go back to the review of the product. The pencil is smooth and quite forgiving when making mistakes, I also like the fact they are erasable in a jiffy when I want to erase it but stays there as long as I don’t wipe it off.

The color looks natural and can give me from the softest look to the more vivid brows I ever see. For me the price is still in an affordable and reasonable price, and a pencil brow do goes a long the way.