Hi pretty ladies!

Finally, after receiving this serum I was able to try them, sorry, lately I’ve been really busy ^__^ (lame excuse) no really, many things going on right now and I try to get things sort out.

Here it is, from the back XD it is a very simple serum to be used 2 times daily before moisturizer. Vax’in is a serum for the first signs of aging and that means early 20’s (ups, I’m 10 years late), and here’s some info I got from givenchybeauty.com:


Youth Infusion Serum is formulated with a unique complex capable of generating micro-stimuli which encourage the skin?s cells to produce their own age-defying protein – HSP70.
Defense and repair mechanisms are strengthened. Wrinkle formation is slowed down. Tone and resilience are maintained. Skin stays luminous looking and youthful.
With this cosmetic vaccine-like age-defying effect, the skin is left looking youthful and invigorated.

The only bad thing I can say about this serum is I only received a sample, and it’s kinda too small to see a significant result. But I can clearly says that the serum absorb fast, no irritants or allergic reactions so far and suitable for almost anyone for being comfortable and delicate.