Hi all!

Last Saturday I was super busy, 4 event in a row and Kiehl’s is one event that was stuck in the middle of all the chaos going on. I hate to say I have to missed the first meeting with IBB due to the strange heavy traffic that day. So after getting my hair done at Shinjuku Premium, I’m here at Plaza Senayan at exactly 2 PM.

Everything is set and they are completely on time! Love it! The snacks, the goodies bag, the models and even Mr.Bones is ready \^0^/

Soon the MC started the event with a cheerful voice. Talk show started and everything rolling just fine, fun and insightful. It’s a ll about New York, babes!

Here’s some tips from the speakers:
In fashion according to the New Yorker: Less is more!
2012 trend is pastel and the street style is so applicable for Jakarta’s lifestyle as well.

It’s from within and Inner peace to enjoy life.
Personal statement in everything you touch, do, and wear.

From Kiehl’s.
The Try Before You Buy that will always be cherished.

A family oriented products for women, men and even babies starting 2 weeks old.
Multiracial effectiveness, like the Clearly Corrective Range for Asian skin.

Then followed by fashion show 🙂

Ardistia is an Indonesian and she made it in New York, now invited by Kiehl’s for a mini fashion show, feels the proud here =^__^=

Someday I will visit the big apple and visit that corner shop of the first Kiehl’s (hopefully no tears coming down, or it will be an embarrassing moment XD)

After the quiz, best dress winner, and final photo-shoots the event has to come to an end. But all the guess went home with products of Kiehl’s, including the Rp.100.000 voucher, wow, prices are down and still we get a voucher, thank you so much Kiehl’s.