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Not a day goes by without we’re doing something to our hair. Touching, cleaning, caring and styling. While maybe many are paying attention on styling, I am always about caring and cleaning 🙂 It’s like I like them looking naturally gorgeous. I remember like when I found a bottle of a very good olive oil, instead of cooking with it, I put it on my hair 30 minute-1 hour before showering. Then almost daily put a mask on when my hair is really dry due to hair colorant and many other chemical process, it’s like a battle against breakage and dryness.

The thing is, most of us feels and actually do looks better when styling, perming, rebonding, or coloring involved. That’s why taking care of our hair is become a normality in daily regime.

Thanks to L’Oreal Professionnel in developing more on caring side we have Vitamino Color. I know it’s not new and it’s not the first time for me using them but it’s the first time I’m writing for them. So here goes,

A bit information from vitaminocolor.blogspot.com:

What is Vitamino Color?

The 4 Step System to Color Longevity

A complete salon system that repels water and safeguards color with Hydro-Resist Technology, InCell and AHA.

A complete salon system that provides hair with internal renewal and an external water-shield for the preservation of color.

Feature : High levels of concentrated cationic silicones
: Create a protective, weightless shield to repel water on surface of hair

Feature : Ionéne G
: Reduces porosity of hair

Feature : Bio-Mimetic Ceramide
: Professional concentration replenishes lost ceramides and seals in the cuticle

Feature : Anti-Oxidant Vitamin E
: Prevents degradation of color

Feature : Alpha-hydroxy Acids
: Help to provide deep purification at the cuticle

Feature : UV filter for hair
: Protects against harmful UV rays

Feature : Magnesium
: Provides deep, internal strength

Now, let’s do a review on the products. The shampoo is the most liquid above all three, follow by the mask which like a gel and the conditioner is the thickest. Another surprise that I get is when using the conditioner it took longer to leave it than the mask. The mask need like a minute to show instant result while the conditioner need longer like 2-3 minutes. I know it’s not like an hour to two, but still.

The shampoo is used like normal other shampoo, wet your hair and lathered the shampoo on your hands first before applying to your hair. Then for the conditioner, after shampooing, towel dry the hair, put the conditioner on the hair strands away from the scalp, comb it in and wait for 2 minutes before rinsing.

Now for the mask, let me share something interesting, after shampooing, towel dry the hair and put spread the mask evenly, avoiding the scalp area. Then I’m putting on this cap I get from Daisho (2$ each)

The cap actually did help the mask t o work better, my hair become shinier and smoother.

Overall result:

The shampoo help clean the hair but not drying it, so any colored hair will be happy using this shampoo. My scalp is a bit oily so within 24 hours I need another cleaning process.

The conditioner, a perfect solution for daily problem, help untangle, protecting, and keep the hair less looking dry. It does increase the shine and colors but not as much as the mask.

The mask, is like wow and and a must have for every colored hair. The gel texture is lovely and pink, and gooey, haha! Every toiletries that’s gooey it’s like a magnet to me.

And all three have this sweet fruity floral scent that I really like and last for hours. You’ll love caring your colored hair with Vitamino Color by L’Oreal Professionnel.

Last but not least, this is my after look using Vitamino Color. Soft and smooth hair ^__^