If someone ask me what I really into, the answer would be skincare product. I don’t know whether this is a bad habit or just simply a hobby I can’t seem get enough of it.

I love to read labels, trying new skincare products and help people to get their perfect match skincare.

I’m pretty updated with skincare product around, somehow when I read magazines, travelings, or just strolling at the nearest malls, those things that pop up, some other things seems fading away, I’m in my own zone.

My advice is always invest in a good skincare product, not necessarily expensive or famous, but the one that really suits ones type and it work for them.

Nothing beats a perfect skincare product since it will effect the whole presence of beauty.

For me toiletries also a part of skincare. So it’s not just about facial skin, but body and hair too aka toiletries.

So for those skincare lovers like I am (or anyone that need my input), please do leave a comment.

The next thing would be perfume, I’m a solid collector since I was about 9 years old. Scent are linked to memory and I love how it can envelopes oneself into a package that one’s want to perform, sexy, feminine, bubbly, macho, or anything in between.

Last but not least cosmetics is linked with beauty products! Love ’em!