Hi all!

I just got back from a very colorful event with Crocs Indonesia. This is the official event for New Crocs New You where they gonna give a very very lucky person Rp 22 mio and to be the finalist all over the world for a dream makeover with an International Stylist shopping to the country of your choice all worth USD 8000.

The event is held in Miitem Plaza Indonesia where every guest invited can take a picture at the booth and a change to win vouchers too.

Shortly after the mc started the event with a bit information of the new Crocs, Crocslite: colorful, light weight, comfortable and a whole lot of attitude.

Then a mini makeover began with bloggers and media take part. It was raining colors everywhere. No more boring looks when Crocs around.

We all goo goo ga ga over the selection. Women are sure to find a pair they truly adore. Flat, wedges and rumors has it, high heels will soon join us here. Woopie! Heels in comfort is my best friend.

The cute girl who won best pics =^___^=

With Wingky Wijaya, Crocs Indonesia hand in hand has began an era of Crocs stylish range for Indonesia.

Now, why don’t you open http://ncny.crocsasia.com/ and be a part of this awesomeness 🙂