Please do read my previous post on Skin.Ergetic by Biotherm: HERE.
Now, as promised, let me share with you my first time using it and a quick review, another review will come after a month or so using the serum
The first thing that I realize is in the texture and here’s why:
Please do take a lot on these 3 images when I drop the serum from the pipette, it looks kinda thick right? More like slimy to be precise ^__^
And when I put them upright position, the serum goes down slowly, unlike watery. And noooo it’s not a problem, I just want to share with you the unique texture.
One more thing is when the serum is spread the scents is just amazing, like tiny bubbles filled with vitamins are popped into the air. Their ability to be absorb? Very good. Like our skin has become so thirsty and drank every juicy vitamins it could. You would definitely love it and the picture above on the left is when the serum just put on top and the right one where my skin become brighter in an instant is after spreading the serum well. Yes, instant rejuvenating effect too.

Overall conclusion right now: Get it! You must try this serum, even the Brand Manager of Biotherm loves this serum so much, and highly recommend the product for anyone.

You might say, it’s common for a brand manager to promote their product, I can clearly say, not all of them really uses their brand. So believe me when I said Biotherm really got a high quality, effective, and wonderful products. It’s irresistible.