Hi readers!!! So good to see you today XD hope the heat doesn’t get you, drink plenty of water and juices, they are good, refreshing and most fruits contain cooling aids for our body, neat!

This is my look for Crocs, just a pair can be used daily, you might want to read the previous post and don’t forget to join the super duper contest ya, click —> HERE.

Without further ado let’s see my look in a week taken using a pair of Crocs:

This is my look when bringing these babies home. A simple mall chic on a happy Saturday after attending an event. I remember being astonish by this blackie, I thought I would be so typical and indifferent, but when used they look so good.

Then on the first day of actually using them, feels like a walk in the park. Crocs as their motto, does deliver comfort and style in a go.

Then I offer the pair for a challenge, I’m not doing a marathon or some sort, just a quick walk and well goes around, up and downs and many more. The pair do assist me doing all those stuff, the waterproof part also wonderful and adding another point. Jakarta hot and temperamental weather making Leigh Wedge Woman a must have items.

Perk up and use my make up, a simple look with a dress does match the Crocs I’m using. Pair it up with a branded bags and voila! I officially up do my style for a beauty event. Looking good now goes well with smooth comfort.

Last but definitely not the least (and wont be the last time either heehee) another look can be created with a dark black hose, I found this look totally matchy matchy but adding some colors from the bag and did you see that tiny pinky Crocs key chain, ultra cute!!

So these are the look I have for a week with one single pair, imagine what I’ll have with more than one Crocs, oh wait! I do have more than a pair, I’ll wrap things up and in about a month there will be more looks taken with my Crocs ^__^

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