Hi all,

Lately it’s been so dreadfully hot in Jakarta, like REAL hot! I hope you all take care your health and stay gorgeous okay ^__^

Hot always means sweats a lot and as girls, we need to keep smelling good no matter what XD and it happens that not too long ago, thanks to Shiseido, I met ZEN.

Details from shiseido.com:


A breath of floral freshness layered with amber and wood, conveying sweetness and femininity in a new, modern language.
ZEN is an eau de parfum (means higher concentration compared to edt) so it last longer, and made you smells nicer longer.

I imagine it would be something heavy, but it’s not. ZEN is delicate yet still have a vivid presence which is so delightful and perfect for anyone whose graceful and sophisticated.

The floral is mild, the kiss of amber and wood also a treat to the senses, and apparently not too sweet. I like how they portray the perfume as something modern, it’s indeed ^___–