Okay, more on Shiseido, it’s like they have everything, shopping in Tokyo means be prepared for anything you touch is actually from Shiseido, a brand that so loved in Japan.

I’ve been using the conditioner for quite some time, read —> HERE.

Now, I’m using the shampoo, why do I separate it? I don’t know, it just happen haha XD. I have like tons of shampoo to use and well, sometime thanks to my combination hair, I like to use heavy conditioner with a light shampoo, if not the scalp will become too oily and me no likey.

A bit info from Shiseido.co.jp:

Glossy shine to the hair from the core is filled with moisture, the hair with Pas.

     camellia leaf essence blended ingredients: wet hair leads to high coercivity and prepare the cuticle, praised the depth of gloss.
     The smell of (or camellia honey) honey, fruit glamorous tailored camellia flowers, fruits.
     Camellia oil carefully blended (gloss, hair protection)

essence camellia leaf: leaf extract, camellia, DPG, hydroxyethyl urea

My review:

First of all the texture a rich pearly white cream that feels luxurious and you need to make your hair wet first before lathering the shampoo on your hair. The foam is abundant and smells really good. The scent stays way longer than the conditioner. I love how delicate the fragrance is. Floral and like a white musk mixed together in one harmonious concoction.

Suitable for anyone with dry hair. But oily scalp beware, you might limp in the mid of your day (so pretty much last 5-6 hours) while those with normal to dry scalp will find they hair stays fresh longer (8-12 hours perhaps).

Shining wise, I found it medium, well my hair is already shining, but I guess it added more ^__^ Overall: A good quality product from a reputable brand that anyone can easily falls in love with. Suitable for daily use.
Best for normal, dry, to dull hair while those with oily scalp (like me) would have to wash their hair more often.