In conjunction with my recent post —> HERE about my waxing experience in Strip, there’s some things that I think will be beneficial to share, yup, tips, do’s and dont’s when you’re gonna, during or after waxing.
First of all, always go for the professional waxing place, not just for beginner, but just about anyone. Why? Well, why playing a risk game with yourself, enduring all those pain and agony, have I mention ingrown? Infection? Irritation? Burning Sensation? And yes, still many more if you happen to get a bad wax.
Start with a poor hygiene, lack of experience from the staff, low quality wax (which can be a real pain as well during the process and cleaning them), to embarrassment.  Yup, I do walk that street of shame before, going out from a bad waxing place with a pain on my crotch, I walk awkwardly to avoid any friction. The pain is unbearable. So please, take from my experience, only have a wax in a very good reputation salon like Strip.
After the service like IPL it is important to pay attention on the aftercare, I guess you should have know about this since it related to laser, but, how about wax, something that ‘closer’ to you?
Fret not, Strip also provide you with aftercare information, but I still haven’t find those that gives you info on before making a decision to do a Brazilian wax or just about wax in any area. Here’s some that I know and live with:
Before making an appointment make sure:
1. You’re not on your period. Not just about the mess, but the pain, some do feel more pain during and right before your period. So choose your timing wisely. A week after your period is usually the best time.
2. You are not scheduled for swimming activity and involving a lot of sun exposure.
3. The area down there, yes, the hair, is long enough to be waxed.
4. No open wounded, or just about any wound on the area, no allergy or sensitivity going on.
Then during the day:
1. Pack an extra undies, just in case only. Especially when the day is hot and humid, I just don’t like my cleaned area (after wax) get humid because of the underwear I use before the wax.
2. Do your thing before going in the room, pee, poo, whatever gals, just make sure to clean the area first. In Strip they’ll handed you a piece of wet wipes to clean the area. I remember when I went to other place, they didn’t give me enough time and wet wipes too, so during the wax, the staff found bits of tissue down there. Shame on me!
3. Don’t schedule a wax on a busy day. Take your time and have a relaxing day. You’ll thank me for that. Imagine an irritated skin being force to do lot’s of friction.
4. Ask the staff anything you need to know about their waxing products, methods and aftercare.
5. Wear something comfortable, don’t wear tights or anything that’s too tight, think about let the area breathe and it just don’t want to be disturbed.
6. Avoid using deodorant, powder, or lotion on the area that gonna be wax. Consult the staff before coming down.
7. Bring a pair of socks if you’re not a fan of a cold air conditioned place. Waxing place usually gives you a blanket but it is difficult to cover your feet. Imagine gynae.
When getting waxed:
1. Relax and keep on breathing. 
2. Try keep on talking to the staff, if they are smart they’ll ask you question that involving happy experience, so your mind is not about the pain, it’s about pleasing experience.
3. Just do what the staff told you to. Like bend your leg on certain ways, take a deep breath before a pull, and a good staff will keep you updated on the things going on down there. 
4. Take your time when the waxing is finished. Just like you’ve made sure the area is cleaned before waxing, take note if the staff put some after lotion wax for protection from irritation or bacteria.
5. Don’t touch the just waxed area with a dirty hand. I know some may be so curious and want to touch how clean, soft and smooth the area is, but please don’t. The pores are still open and don’t get your germs there. Be patient.
6. Caferully and slowly put your clean new panties on without being too tight and take your day nice and slow ^__^
Like Strip have provide you with after wax care, here are some that I want to add:
 For married couple, avoid sex for at least 24 hours after the wax.
That’s all now, I think there are some things which important too but not so relevant with many others like if you’re on medication, pregnant, skin condition and many more so ask your doctor for that.
In the end do things wisely and you’ll enjoy the result by being so.