I’m a big fan of Bobbi’s art work, her signature ‘look’ is a natural enhance beauty. Soft healthy glow on a luminous skin. Lightly trimmed brow and perky cheeks. Lips with pink or red which show happiness and represent her view on how every woman is beautiful.
Here’s a glimpse of what inside the book.
Bobbi’s classic natural look with a whole lots of healthy glowing skin. Pretty! Bobbi believes in being comfortable in our own skin, no matter what color and shape we’re in.

She teaches how to shape brow without the need of over plucking. Please do click on any image for better view.
The instruction is detailed and that’s also the reason I found this book perfect for beginner. But don’t get me wrong this book also suitable for any level you’re in.
Her materials are based on decades of her experience being a makeup artist

Wow! Four bestselling books on beauty, I only found 2, hmm, better keep on searching, her books are collectibles item and I can pass on to my girlfriends and daughters.

It’s like her book is crucial for anyone who want to do anything related to beauty.

Best of all, I love how she see the importance of acknowledging one’s skin. How to take care your skin properly and in a correct manner.

So when you do the basic it wont be just slathering plenty of concealer and foundation to cover everything up. When you got a healthy glowing skin, you won’t need all those heavy piles. 

Then after the reader understood all the basic we can now play with color.

See the words in bold? Practice is the key, if an expert says so, it most probably right ^___^

Stuffs you might see, know, and learn to master


And all those brushes, yes, she deliberate those woody things that you normally seen carried or used by a pro makeup artist, now you can learn and be one.

One more thing that I found very interesting and not many mua (makeup artist) or beauty books ever discuss and make it seem unrelated, Bobbi Brown took care of it and say it here. Makeup during pregnancy!

Bobbi Brown in action, love her already, I hope someday I can meet her in person.

Gals, anywhere and everywhere in this world, this is one of the beauty book that I highly recommend. Go and get one yourself ^__^