Finally, another product worth to be Hot Stuff of The Month, yup, in this month of love, let’s congratulate Talika Light 660, as the Hot Stuff of February 2012.

Here’s some product details from their book, we all know about acne, which is a bumpy thing on our skin that is either a combination between bacteria, blocked pores, excess lipid (oil) production, and in involves inflammatory and redness too.

Talika provide a solution. Light therapy in form of Light 660.

It works by providing certain light frequency to help the acne disappear.

By providing antibacterial properties, reduce excess sebum secretion, and anti inflammatory effects.

Result in 28 days:
Better sebum regulation
Bacterial and Inflammatory reduction around 28-30%.

These three useful properties will benefit those who have problem with acne and excess oiliness on their skin.

The light therapy is just beautiful and easy to use. 3 cm above your skin for 3 minutes 2x a day. The light therapy can be used alone without any other cream or medication, which made this tool very handy and simple. The blue light is too bright for my eyes, which is understandable by TALIKA, in the box eye protector is provided ^__^ neat!

I’m ready to use the product for 28 days, let’s do a review then, stay tune!

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