I love traveling and it’s been part of me, I like having my adventure, well all in a good way. No, I don’t need 5 star luxury, just pretty much basic with comfort as well. I’m not a backpackers either, I don’t have the strength nor the willingness to do so. Now, if you’re somewhat like me, likes traveling that involves city life, or relaxing beaches, shopping, good food, like living the life with stuff to enjoys yet don’t have the money for a luxurious trip. You might enjoy my trips and experience.

I always choose traveling in winter or at least colder climate than in Jakarta (if I have a chance to choose), to experience different environment and I always choose advanced country, I’m not those people from well established country that like to see what’s the jungle like or small villages,  pollutions, danger, etc. Remember I want something different. I like pretty things, safe country, you know, something to look UP to.

One thing always happen during traveling, especially using a plane and stays indoor with aircon most of the time. Dry skin. And I do indulge a bit. like using L’Occitane. The traveling size is (duh) of course cheaper but enough for traveling needs. I usually travel around a week. Their stuff is enough for a week.

Winter always means dry skin, dry skin can lead to irritation and if you’re a clean freak like I am, I wash my hands often. My hands gets really dry and everything I washed my hands I use this lovely lovely lovely hand cream by L’Occitane as the 4 roses smells really good. It might be a bit slippery for my palms so I apply more on the upper side. I also use it as a comforter, when the air in the plane smells bad (especially when someone in front of you didn’t take a shower, ever) I use it on my neck and smell it all the way too. The traveling size also means you can carry it on board (hooray).

But if your hands really dry, try the shea butter, which is very rich. I use it at night only and waking up with a smooth and moist skin. Healing all the dryness away overnight. Just remember not to rub your eyes, as the oils might disturb the comfort of your sight and irritate the eyes.

Talking about sleeping, staying in a cool hotel also means I can pampered my self with this foot cream, at home I don’t do this. 1. No carpet, so tiles are slippery to be walked on with creamed feet. 2. The sheets, when the cream is not fully absorbed it will goes to my sheet, at the hotel, I don’t do the laundry, they do, so I can make it as dirty as possible (in a mannerly order). And 3. I just feel the relaxing ambiance of a hotel as an excuse to love myself. That’s why I always try to stay in at least 3 stars hotel. Sleeping in a comfort place is one of my reasons for traveling.

Walking all day long also means tired feet, which adding another bonus point for using this wonderful foot cream by L’Occitane. The minty feeling and soothing effect is just hmm, something that you’ll look forward at the end of the day. My advice, no matter how late you went back to the hotel, always have time to take a warm shower or better, warm bath, soak all your tiredness there and after like 15 minutes, the aching parts of your muscles will relaxed, dry your self, use the lotions, and doze off like a baby. You’ll wake up looking and feeling better (smells better as well) too.

Never forget to clean your face and pampered it too. Always look gorgeous even thou’ you’re traveling. Bring this handy cleanser and toner that benefit your skin since it is filled with ingredients that loves your skin.

I’m using L’Occitane Immortelle for it’s properties and the softness. The cleanser is perfect for dry snowy winter, and the toner also calms all irritation.

After a serum, use the moisturizer that stays comforting and protecting your skin from dryness all day long. No sticky nor oily effect, not heavy, but enough for me.

Don’t forget to use the eye balm first before serum. I use it as a lip balm as well as it helps my lips stays free of chap from within before conventional lip balm sealed the moist.

I also need a body lotion that stays moist and a bit heavier than the one I use in Jakarta. Lavande Body Lotion which smells lavender, gives my nerves a peaceful time while using it. My skin also love the soothing effect it bring. No dry nor irritation in everywhere it pleases.

Yes, I do normally uses products that slightly ‘heavier’ than the one I use in Jakarta. But some can also be use in humid condition like Immortelle moisturizer. The thing is, when traveling, sometime I put my self in an extend that more than my usual routine, it made my body stressful. It’s different than not happy, I did enjoy my trip, I do have great times, but I tend to see things more, and experience more different things during traveling. That’s why I tend to take care my body, skin, and all it’s beauty needs more that usual.

I also use hair mask more often than at home and let them shine 🙂 That’s why I also looks better during traveling ^^