Have you seen the ads? I did and they look great. Don’t you always wonder that whether those ads really represent the products, well some do 🙂 I’ve tried Dove Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo and Conditioner too.

The first thing that comes on my mind is Oh No! It’s oil, my scalp is oily enough, it doesn’t need to look more oily that ever before, I hate looking limp. Still, I give these products a try, for you my readers, for you.

The shampoo itself smells still like Dove but a bit more luxurious than other range. The thick gel-creamy texture of the shampoo is like milky honey. Smooth and easily lathered. Wet the hair and lathered it first on my palm before touching my hair, massage the shampoo well especially on the scalp and all the hair strands as well. Rinse it with clean water and put some creamy conditioner ONLY on the edges of my hair until about half way up. Always avoid conditioner reaching your scalp as it my blocked your scalp. Conditioner as made for the hair, especially the ones that is dry, yes, on the hair ends.

As I waiting nervously whether my hair will be limp or not, as normal I blow dry my hair and do my normal activity. The result at the end of the day: My hair is not limp at all! The hair ends are smooth and my scalp stays happily breathing. No signs of dryness and it does maintain the healthy look of my colored and processed hair.

A must try products for a dry to very dry hair with a friction of a cost.