As many of you probably know, I like reading books and less often doing the review unless . . . it’s impressive or leave a remarks on me.

Yes, this time it’s Benny & Mice, years ago my husband and bro are all reading them, I’m not a big fan when they are together (sorry fans), I like Benny solo.

On top are 2 of Benny & Mice, perhaps it’s the topic, but I found Benny’s “Para Manula Jalan-jalan Ke Singapura” to be funnier and the accuracy is just spot on.

Here (above and below pics) are some of the samples about Singapore that really represent what’s going on there, maybe I miss Singapore or know more about them but it’s just hilarious. I also like the page where the maid carry all the stuff for the NF, how some are just exorbitant with the shopping habit, including the branded items (take note, I’m not a fan of the branded items aka bags, they are common, too expensive and heavy!) Yes, you heard me. I like bags for the function, not the tag. You will never caught me queuing to go inside LX or CHXXEL, etc.

Benny also emphasize on the social gap, it’s like ALL Indonesian in Singapore are so rich. Well again, maybe I see things the way Benny did, that’s why I really like his work, again, it’s personal, but for me? Highly recommended and an eye opener @___@