2012 is coming in a fast train and all trend setter are having their collection running about, including our own Maestro, Mr. Rudy Hadisuwarno and his hair inspiration.

Held in Crown Hotel, yesterday the media and guests are welcomed to enjoy the show and attend the seminar.

In front of the ballroom many stands are open for all to enjoy.

This event is perfect for any beauty salon owner to anyone who put them self forward for the latest buzz. The team and Mr. Rudy himself give a live how-to’s, tips and Q&A session for all. This year where we’ve seen many block colors on fashion, the hair style is also leading with their bold designs of disconnected cut and color.

Short hair with extreme designs will be a hit, no more being the backgrounds, androgen’s is here!

Thanks to Ms. Inviolata, I am seated right next to the stage where the lights are beaming. So, this is the feeling of being in the spotlight ^___^

Long or short, they are all getting the rave for being taking it to the max, don’t be shy and click on the image if you need bigger view.

This is Carnellin signing off, telling you to be bold next year!

Thank you so much for Mr. Rudy Hadisuwarno and the team for the invitation and kudos!