I just got back from a treatment in Rudy Hadisuwarno salon, yes, this blog post is fresh from the oven . . . Ooh, I just imagine how lovely it is if I have my own tablet or gadget that I can easily do a live blog.

So, just now, thanks to RHC, they given me voucher to be used at Rudy Hadisuwarno salon, one of them is in Tanjung Duren. They have this wonderful promo regarding their newest treatment in the salon. The treatment is called Procare System where for around Rp. 115.000 you can have a thorough treatment from the scalp to your hair with precise items for each step.

First, they check my scalp and hair condition, after that they gave me a shampoo with tea tree oil that suitable for my oily scalp. Then for the hair a ginseng mask will be applied.

This is me after the shampooing process, it was cool and refreshing, I think I want some of those to bring home ^___^

On my table they prepared a scented oil for a wholesome treatment, unfortunately I can’t smell any, is the air conditioner blowing the opposite direction?

Then after the mask (with plenty of massage) and ozone treatment for about 15-20 minutes, my hair is rinsed. Back to my table the serum for the scalp is applied.

Using a special comb for the serum application. I think it works best for penetration of the DHT serum.

While waiting for my hair to be dried, I’m reading the pamphlet.

You can read the details regarding each treatment and products for different kind of condition.

Combination for each type of hair and scalp is easily done, so if you have an oily scalp and dry hair, they’ll give you a shampoo for oily scalp and a mask for dry hair so all the needs are catered.  Which means this treatment can also accommodate several different condition in a go.

My result: A silky smooth hair with cleaner scalp ^___^, for Rp.115.000 (medium length), this treatment is worth every penny and a must try!