Details from, thanks to Google Translate:
The foam type of cleansing face wash that can be at once and makeup. Cleansing foam adhesive prescription. Bubbles come out with the push of fine granularity, texture and pores in close contact, even down to make dirt once. You do not need double cleansing. rich ingredients of beauty lotion (moisturizing), with fresh to moist skin.
Royal jelly extract, rosehip extract glycerin formulation.
You can also use face wash in the morning
Even use a wet hand or face
gentle fruity rose fragrance

My review:

There’s nothing gentle about the scent, it is the first thing that I noticed 🙂 but it is still pleasing and entertaining ^^. 

The foam is thick yet delicate on the face. Love how it cleanse my facial skin from dirt, grim and sweats, but for makeup I still recommend to clean the waterproof with makeup remover and for eye lashes to use the wipes from Biore too since it will be gentler and precise.

I like the fact that for daily use I don’t need double cleansing when using this product. My skin feel clean and soft at the same time. Another great product by Biore that I hope come to Indonesia as soon as possible.