Today I decided to clean my brush, which means it’s something I’m not routinely do (I know I should), but since I really love this brush I just don’t want to ruin it. Numerous times with my previous brushes I made them rough and I need them soft. This brush from The Body Shop is one of my favorite and I want to treat it well, and this is some of my tips to keep it in tip top shape and condition.

Using the cleanser products at my home, means I’m not using any brush cleanser that commercially existed. So, pretty much is the stuff you can easily find anywhere.

I’ve tried using baby’s shampoo as many other recommend but during the cleansing process (warm water mixed with baby’s shampoo) there’s a lot of gunk stick at the brush and it can not dissolve in the water since perhaps I use a lot of base, foundation, powder, and 2 way cake collide together in the brush.

Using a dishwasher liquid will help the gunk to be removed but based on experience it will dry out my brush, leaving it worst than a bad hair day.

It’s just doesn’t work. So I’m thinking I should just try using makeup remover and the first thing come in my mind is a cleansing oil.

I pump 2-3 times and mixed it with warm water. Oh yes, I do use a small cup and mix it all up with my brush. Gently stir everything up. Careful! Wet brush are so easy to took off and never pull them nor soak the brush all the way till the root. The glue wont last.

For the cleansing oil, I use my Skin Inc Trinity Cleansing Oil. And I was right, the oils dissolves all the gunk out of my brush and my brush still feels soft.  But now there’s a oily feeling left on the brush. I use my facial foam.

Pump the foam and the small particles of the foam was able to go inside the brushes, splendid! No more oily feeling and the brush still soft since I’m using a product for facial use. But still, before the final rinse I use the baby’s soap to help me clean up everything behind. I keep using warm water all the way until the end. And keep changing the water all throughout the cleansing process, each product took around 2-3 rinsing process.
Each cleansing product that I used manage to clean different particles and makeup residue. So, for me one brush need more that one cleanser, since I use my brush for almost everything in the base.

Then, just place the brush on a paper towel and I’m not placing mine in a direct extreme sunlight, more like the sun from my window. Keep changing the paper towel when it’s wet helps the part that’s below to be dried faster. For me this position is the best one to dry the brush, standing up/upside down will make the brush messy and sometime just ruin it.

Keep rolling the position occasionally, so your brush wont slanted.

Again, be gentle and be patient, don’t clean your brush on the day you want to use it, it takes hours for the brush to be completely dry, hair drier might help but never overheat.

Last but not least, clean their home too. Using a normal anti bacterial wipes and swipe everything off, simple yet necessary.

Hope it work well on you too ^__^