Product Details:

These powders are very pigmented, silky and lustrous. All three are finely milled and very shimmery but not glittery. Goldilocks is a shimmery yellow gold; Nugget is a beige champagne; and Snow Bunny is a shimmery metallic white

These powder is so light and you might want to watch out a bit not to sneeze, inhale, or blow them away. I got 2 of them which is Nugget in soft brown cream color and Cloud 9 which is pinkish and delicate.

With a brush (preferably using fan brush, domed brush or blushed brush) I can apply the powder on my face after the base is done (bb-foundation-concealer-powder, etc) for a more luminous brighter look with either pinkish look (cloud 9) or just come with a sparks (nugget). I find the duster are handy too making my skin looks more radiant when used on top of everything. It emphasize the side you want to get more attention on, like maybe cheek bones, decollete, nose, etc.

I find them lovely as loose powder too, but thanks to the hot and humidity I like them better at night when the temp is cooler. I think my facial skin is shimmering enough at day time ^__^