I’ve been a loyal fan of Biore Pore Pack for 10 years now, there’s never a better product for me (cheap too) to be used at home, convenient and it work! Pulling those nasty blackheads out of my nose’s pores in a jiffy.

I know there’s other brand with like 10 or 50x the price, but budget wise? Biore Pore Pack is the best.
I know that most of you have use it, but for those who haven’t just read the simple ‘how to use’ direction on the packaging. Tips from me: wash the area (nose) with facial foam and rinse it, no need drying it, just made sure your hands are dry when touching the pack. Gently remove the plastic and put it on your wet nose. Don’t sweat while you’re at it. Use a fan, air conditioning or just about anything to keep yourself cool. Why? when you sweat it’ll take longer time for the pack to dry and it would not get a good ‘grip’ on those blackheads.

After the pack is dry, you can feel it harden and tight (15-20 minutes), pull it out, you’ll see your blackheads (and some fine hairs) on the pack, woopie!

Clean the leftover with water/facial foam, use toner that help closing the pores and moisturizer. If you’re skin is prone to acne, open pores may lead to acne, so use a tea tree oil or other facial-skin-friendly disinfectant after using the pack.

I use the pack once a week, don’t overused it, I think 1-2 a week is enough.

I’ve tried the original pack, the black one (on the picture), green tea, and sakura. They all worked out the same for me, it’s just the green tea and sakura are better in scent. Oh yes, if you have larger nose, you can use the one for men.