Last night on KOI Restaurant I was invited by Kiehl’s to attend their 160th Anniversary with the tittle “160th Years of Service to Our Community”.

Thank you so much for having me here, it’s really a privileged to be here with all of you.

The minute I entered the room the first thing that caught my eyes is “The Mission of Kiehl’s” which is then explained by the KCR.

Explained? Yes! Trough this wall of fames each represent and tells us the milestone of Kiehl’s.

Their first branch, their first perfume, which is Original Musk Oil, the one that also known as Love Potion.

Beside getting to know the products better, I also found out that Kiehl’s was in fact start as a family business which is endearing with how the son (when he is still little) help out by giving samples. Yes, those ‘giving samples habit’ that still runs till now.

Then it’s time to start the event, then played us a video about current Kiehl’s “family” . This is Ms.Jennifer Avancena, the Brand Manager of Kiehl’s Indonesia.

The first Kiehl’s in New York, where the pear tree standing near. The store is known as store by the pear tree corner. When the pear tree is cut down the mayor manage to bring it back for the community.

And for Kiehl’s too, it’s all about the community and giving back. Kiehl’s in Indonesia also join hand and with a couple of public figures to reach the children in need. Giving them donations and help from the customers who donate in each branch plus purchases of Best Seller items.

It feels really difficult not to fall in love with Kiehl’s, I’m officially hooked by their warmth, generosity and efforts.

Then it’s Ms. Dea Karmia’s turn where she deliberate more of those who take part in the Service to Our Community.

3 figures that given awards for each of their contribution. A doctor who ‘s part for children with Autism, a public figure and Ms. Tina Toon for Pansophia.

Meanwhile I can’t help myself from wondering around (no worries, another blog post have been prepared for you regarding all the details provided by Kiehl’s Indonesia). Guess also given a chance to take a picture with the famous skull and print it out. These are moments that I really want to remember. A moment of celebrations for Kiehl’s and I’m so happy they are in Indonesia.

I’ve noticed that Kiehl’s has done so much in the community and everything was done in low profile, bravo!

Love from the people to Kiehl’s Indonesia . . . complain! Not big enough, bigger board next time please ^____^ I think more people want to sign in there.

An exhibit of Kiehl’s 160 year history (neat!)

KCR’s and Ms. Dea, Kiehl’s would not be the same without them. Seriously the best in serving customers.

3 things that Kiehl’s International put emphasis on for the 160th Anniversary

3 products limited edition for the 160th Anniversary: Ultra Facial Cream, Original Musk Oil, and Calendula Herbal-Extract Toner.

Read this interesting fact that Kiehl’s even made it to Smithsonian.

Oh yes, no Kiehl’s event will be completed without a doctor in the house and Mr. Ari (Senior Trainer of Kiehl’s) explaining the need to take care our skin plus some of Kiehl’s up coming products which is Ultra Facial Oil Free and Midnight Recovery Concentrate. The video shown before of the Ultra Facial Oil Free is very cute!!!

And Ms.Tina and the girls are giving us an entertainment with her new single “Cinta Buta”.

Me and Ms. Jenny, she is so pretty and nice.

Then it’s time to congratulate Kiehl’s for their 160th with a big birthday cake.

I raise my glass and cheers for Kiehl’s, hoping that:
1. Kiehl’s keep being warm and genuine in their service.
2. Improving their stuff (maybe some more for me which is scented heehee, sniff sniff)
3. Another 160 years of success and beyond.
4. More action for the community or at least keep up their very good work.
5. Last but not least, keep being a “family” business where’s everyone is a family and everyone is caring one another.

So my lovely readers, don’t ever forget to stop by at any of Kiehl’s branch and try some your self, after all their policy is still the same: Try Before You Buy. That’s why when you come into the store and speaks to the KCR’s (Kiehl’s staff) don’t get intimidated, get some samples!