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1st reversive anti-aging expansive mask that fits every woman’s face and gives an instant lifting effect. Each mask has an equivalent concentration to a bottle of Skin Vivo Reversive Serum to restore the DNA-micro damages of inner cells. Immediately, skin is rejuvenated and plumped with lasting radiance. After 4 weeks, 100% of women experience a younger looking skin.

Without further ado I clean up my face to use the mask, take note, you really need to clean your face good and probably use a scrub a day before. Why? Dead skin, dirt, grime, and sweat, might clog your pores, it will affect the penetration of the ingredients in the mask. This mask is definitely not cheap, so make sure the absorption is optimal.

This is my before look
And as I opened the packaging there’s a subtle mild fragrance which is comforting for me to use it while relaxing. The quality of the paper mask was definitely good, quite thick with cottony feel. It’s like if I squeeze the mask surely a bottle of Skin Vivo Serum will come out ^__^.

It doesn’t really fit on my face, I do have smaller feature which most mask won’t fit anyway, so I’m not complaining. What I am trying to do is just make the mask fit most of my angles, nose, mouth and cheeks are always my toughest parts, but if you have normal head length, you’ll have no problem with the mask whatsoever.

There are no allergy reaction or any displeasing moment while using the mask and the ingredients in it, I must say the scent of the mask is just lovely for me. Well, let’s just say I never have a complain in any of Biotherm’s scents, indeed the French are in their top game in terms of fragrance. There are some leftovers of the liquid inside the foil, for me it will be a total waste to just throw it away, so I close the lid again and using a clipper to close them up and put inside a zip plastic bag into the fridge. I will use it again in a couple of days. You can buy any paper mask (plain) the one that ‘just add the serum’, and add the rest of the liquid for that mask. Or if you’re really clean, use the same mask with the leftover liquid you have. But keep it tightly closed, cold, clean and don’t wait for more than 3-4 days. Or, just use the liquid like a liquid mask, as in without the paper mask.

This is my after look, which is definitely noticeable to be plumper, dewy-er, fresher, hydrated, and relaxed. I do look younger and rejuvenated. 9/10! Must try!

Best to be used? At night, so the rest of the liquid on your face can stay there longer and accompanied your skin sleeping. Waking up? Looking fab, gal!