Some time ago I’ve done the review for the exact product, yet since it was originally from Japan, none of the language was understandable by me. Surprise, surprise, The Sample Store send me one with a complete explanation . . . in English!

Wow! A bottle equals to 150 pumps, a day you use twice for 2 pumps and you get a full month plus plus ^___^

The packaging is really cute and do you see the bouncy mallow flying.

From behind. Can’t see it clearly? Just click on the image bellow:

and the details  . . . I’m just so happy I can understand.

I use two pumps on my clean hands and wet face. Why 2, I like their gooey foam and spread them on my face and neck too, since they are super soft, my neck also love them. Yes, don’t use normal body soap for the neck, it might dries them.

I’m ready using it again with full complete details, muach!
The dense and super soft foam, so bouncy too. This is what I called a perfect lather. You do know that it’s the foam that do the cleansing in cleansing foam/gel, right?! If you didn’t lather it well you’ll get that squeaky clean that actually stresses your skin. And you won’t want your skin to be stressful right?! We already have enough stress in this world, we need stuff that de-stress us in anyway possible, like Biore Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash.

This is a sample of a flat lather/foam which I usually have with other facial foam. And it is almost impossible to get them dense. And do you know that Japanese girls always pay attention on their cleansing regime for a clean skin without the stress. And they have done so much to achieve the perfect foam, from continuous mixing with hands, using special cloth, sponge, etc. I know this since when I went there, in every hotel a special sponge/cloth is equipped in every room. 

But thanks to the handy device and material from Biore Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash you just have to pumped it and . . .
They stay! It’s so dense and ultra fine that it stays even thou’ I put my hand upside down. This is a good test you can do for yourself at home. Any cleansing foam you have, lather it up and test it, it’s really difficult for a normal cleansing foam to reach this stage while actually your skin need to be cleaned ON this stage.
After more than a minute the foam are still a lot, usually lathers are easy to pop! This shows the quality of the foam.

And they still sticks too!

My skin are ready to use it, the soft faint scent is a lovely too, but nothing beats the cushion that feels bouncy and do not stress my skin since the foam is 200 micron, yes! Smaller than our pores, so it’s really tiny and super soft now.

Wanna try some? Do it!

It can cleanse your skin with a collagen enriched foam that moisturized your skin to a baby soft feeling. The foam is so comforting. It feels like all the moisture on my skin are still intact happily.

Rinse well and voila! A clean soft smooth skin . . . no, no touch up, makeup whatsoever, this is my skin right after rinsing the foams.
Selling in Singapore at $13.90 at any major supermarkets and pharmacy. 
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Play a bit, they are quite fun and challenging too, the speed are increasing!

And be on top to win the prizes. Yeay!! Who could resist 300$ H&M vouchers.