Yesterday in Four Seasons Hotel, Kuningan, Fonterra Brands Indonesia are inviting medias for open fasting together and in the same time giving some press release on some important health issues related to milk.

Each guess present can take a picture on the set provided, and every picture taken will be donated

Rp.100.000 from Fonterra to children’s education. And you can keep a copy of your pic home.
Fonterra Brands products milk ranged from Anlene, Anmum, and Boneeto. But there are still some other products derived from milk that Fonterra carries, like Anchor and Chesdale.

Yes, the main issue is about excessive sugar added in milk, especially children’s milk.

The moderator is Ms.Lula Kamal, she put so much passion in the issue and I do feel the urgency and how important it is to bring the information to the society.
First we welcomed Mr.Maspiyono Handoyo as a President Director of Fonterra Brands Indonesia, where he share the vision of Fonterra Brands Indonesia where Fonterra Brands Indonesia is a company that provide milk nutrition from a natural source for society, wherever, every day. They want want the society to understand the importance of the natural nutrition in milk in every stage in our life.
Fonterra has done clinical trials and their newest invasion is Anmum Essential and Anlene Total.

Then it’s Dr.dr.Saptawati Bardosono MSc. A nutritionist from Nutrition Department from Universitas Indonesia. She shares the key elements in milk that are so important in every stage of our life, from Calcium to Protein that inside to milk to vitamins. There are also a thing called lactose which is a sugar from milk, a natural sugar. So the natural milk need no more sugar, yet many milk companies added so much sugar in their milk.

Another important issue is to drink milk according to the stage/age you are in. It can be lethal to drink milk that’s not your level. Like new born babies drinking kids milk from cow. It is dangerous to be nonchalant. Read the labels, ingredients, nutrition fact, and serving suggestion.

Next in line is Denny Sumargo a basket ball national athlete. That shares his daily routine taking milk.
It’s Q&A time and many are eager to ask numerous questions and here are some of the answers:
Fonterra’s milk is 100% imported from New Zealand’s cow.
During pregnancy it is important to drink milk specially made for pregnant ladies where it contained higher nutrition needed for the mom and fetus.
Check out for sugar intake.
And the talk show is done.
But, wait a minute . . . it seems like every one is really hungry right now, they have some announcements
They announce the winners of writing competition that have been going from 14th April – 30th June 2011 about Anlene Total that not just lowered osteoporosis but osteoarthritis too. Congratulation ladies!
Me and Ms. Lula Kamal, she is so beautiful and friendly.
Me and Denny Sumargo, he is so busy last night, interview after interview after interview.
Well, that’s a wrap all, please do not forget to stay healthy and READ those labels. Mom, dad, you play a very important role in keeping your children healthy, keep sugar minimum like 10% of total calories intake per day (WHO), a lot of milk out there or any other drinks with tons of sugar inside and it is bad for you. Many have learn that salt are bad since it can increase blood level, but sugar also no good if taken too much. And do you know how much is too much?
For maximum around 60 gr, 40-60 gr per day is the safest range. And all of that cover your meal, dessert, tea, coffee, soda, milk, and anything that you eat/drink the whole day. Watch out 1 spoonful is more than 14 gr.
You do the math!

NB: Thank you Ms.Nuniek ( for the invitation.