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Highly frosted and luminous, IZU’s Shimmering Powder contains Vitamin E with anti-oxidant properties. It also contains Phytosqualane, a vegetal oil extracted from olives to give skin high emolliency and hydration. May be used on the face as well as on the body.

Take IZU Loose Powder Brush and apply to parts of the face & body that you want to sparkle and accentuate

I’ve been having Glow Slow for quite a while now and it last a really long time. It can be used on my face and body just watch out to tap the brush so you wont get overdose. The shimmering powder can be used gradually so do it bit by bit. Use your big brush and tap tap tap to return the excess powder, brush on your hand first to blend the powder before applying to your face. But when I used it for my body part I like them being bold so I’ve never blend it first for body application, they always look natural on body ^___^

This is the powder used on my legs, during night out or party outdoor it’s just a perfect touch, it reminds me of nights on the beach where the skin are tanned from the day in the sun and glisten under the moonlight. Just pour some on whenever you want it to be. And blend it in.

You’ll get that shimmer look in a jiffy. But for the face you can brush them on areas you want to accentuate like the bone of your nose, cheeks, foreheads, or wherever . . . cleavage? Yup.

I like IZU shimmering powder because they look natural, easy to blend or sprinkled on and stays on hours and hours until shower time. And I know it’s not recommended by the brand but your hair can glow too.

Price sold USD 45.