Thanks to my lovely friend Shirly, she got me a Biore Foaming Face Wash Marshmallow Whip directly from Japan . . . Oohh ^0^ as all of you might know many worldwide branded items are from there with their high quality skincare products. Contained Collagen inside this foaming facial wash comes in their own pumping device that able to product marshmallow-ey foam ready to be used.
Yes, I don’t understand Japanese language too, in the end it’s just telling us it’s a cleanser that keep the skin moist, like all skin type too, my friend told me it’s a hit in Japan ^__^ with 200 ultra fine microns lather that able to clean daily sebum, sweat, dirt on our facial skin.

Is it really soft, yes it does, smooth too. I won’t say ultra, but it does feels smoother, and so far the smoothest texture I found in a self-foaming facial cleanser so far. During the cleansing the scent of fresh floral and it reminds me of another product which I can’t remember, but I like it. Afterwards my skin feel clean without being squeaky clean.
1.Suitable and perfect for daily use.
2. Not suitable for removing waterproof makeup.
3.And love the softness of the foam.
4. Handy self-foaming device.
5. Gentle yet effective for normal daily use.

I will definitely continue using it.