On Friday, 12th of August 2011, I was one of the privileged blogger to have dinner at Tairyo.
Tairyo is located at West Mall Level 5, Grand Indonesia. Tairyo is a Japanese Restaurant that originated from China, Shanghai is their first Restaurant. Now, over 80 outlet around the world and Grand Indonesia have the first in Indonesia.
Click the image for larger view.

They offered buffet for all you can eat and drink at Rp.250.000 for dinner/adult, but until September 2011, they are having promotion, Adult Rp.149.000++ and Children Rp. 85.000 ++ (dinner), so don’t missed out. Get their latest promotion from following @TairyoIndo (Twitter) and Tairyo Indonesia (Facebook).
They have awesome menu that will definitely gives you more variety than your tummy can hold. From fresh sashimi, teppanyaki to dream dessert that. Not a fan of a buffet? No worries, they also serves Ala Carte. Drinks? From tea to fresh juice and don’t forget the manager says their milkshake is a must try, slurp!!

Going inside the Restaurant you will be greeted by a different atmosphere . . . am I still in Indonesia?

No, I must be in Japan. I love how they create the whole dining experience here, it’s like you are entering another level of human satisfaction where eating is no longer a basic need but it’s an adventure to another world with cuisine.
I’m here for #BukaBarengBlogger by Grand Indonesia and Tairyo. If you are a blogger do follow @GrandIndo (Twitter) and Grand Indonesia (Facebook) and join up! From 6th August 2011 to 6th September 2011, Grand Indonesia Shopping Town is having Ramadhan Rhapsody, there will be Ramadhan Fashion week, Bedug Special Show, Ramadhan Kids Activity, A musical Show: The desert dream – A Journey to Middle East Secret, Middle East Dance, Ramadhan Food Festival and G Shopper Rewards lucky draw.
These are the main course, you can click the image to larger view, but no worries, I’ll go through the details later on and get ready to drool it over ^_____^
All the menu served here. First, I thought each of us will have to choose some of the meats here . . . I was so wrong, each of us get ALL of them . . . Hey, Tummy! Embrace these moments     ◕
Meanwhile, waiting for the whole team to be completed, I took some pics with the bloggers. This is a great opportunity to get to know other bloggers in Jakarta, some are food bloggers, few are movie bloggers, beauty bloggers (like me), and fashion bloggers. Next to me at the pic above is Aline Chandra, she is a part time blogger, she blogs about anything 【ツ】
In front of me Tairyo have prepared a setting worthy of a royalty. With golden utensils holder and china, I can really say, they are so ready for the guest, this is a proper way of a restaurant to say “Hello” to the customer.
The bloggers are gathering up, slowly but sure the seats are filling, some are chatting, some are starting to “open” (since this is a Fasting Month for the Moslem), some are learning the menus, and some are busy taking pictures, we are bloggers thou’ and sometime a picture means a thousand words.
And I see a lovely friendly face from Fimela.Com. Ms. Nuniek herself is here. Beside her there’s also representatives from YukMakan.com, Multiply.com, and of course Grand Indonesia with Tairyo too. 
The first meal that comes out after the drinks (sweet tea and our choice) is Ta’Jil, which is a very sweet Red Bean Soup (more like a dessert) with 2 mochi balls which I think is perfect for any palate after a whole day fasting. A spoon or two is enough since the whole banquet is waiting.
Then here come the Prawn Salad with Special Tairyo Sauce, the prawns are juicy and just the right bounce in it and it’s really a contrast to the crunch of the vegetables and the dressing is acidicly addictive. Perfect as an appetizer.

Oh yes, I do LIVE tweet during the whole event, I bring my charger, and everything was set before it all started, you can follow @c13v3rgirl (Twitter) and read all about it, and yes, twitpic are presented too so the moment I took a bite on any of the meals here, I do a LIVE tweet so the whole first experience is fresh.

Here comes the Prawn Cutlet, aren’t they look so adorable?! Kawaii!
And crunch! The outer layer is so crispy but the prawn juice inside is so delicious and moist. Some restaurant I know even dare to serve instant prawn cutlet, but in Tairyo, they give you the best from the beginning to the end. I can see happy moments are coming. If they already gives their best right from the beginning, their main course will be superb!
Get the picture?!
Here is the key people from Grand Indonesia, thank you for having us here  ٩(●̮̮̃•̃)۶ ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶ ٩(-̮̮̃•̃)۶

Tairyo’s Restaurant Manager, he is so friendly and yes, I get the milkshake tips from him, if you are in doubt which to choose from Tairyo and don’t want to missed the best, ask him. And the lady sitting down there, she is from YukMakan.com. A site that talks about . . . food .
Ms. Nuniek from FimelaDotCom
And one of the chef is starting, he is preparing a Norwegian Salmon, FRESH Norwegian Salmon as a Sashimi and we all know, it got to be fresh.
He is carefully cut the Salmon pieces by pieces with a special knife from Japan (Wooaaaa). Skill and Technique in cutting a salmon plus the right tool is indeed needed.

Careful, we don’t want a bone, and each single one is removed.
The best part from a salmon is the belly, yum!
They are ready for a final cut, do you know a 5 KG Salmon is for 50 Sashimi servings?!
As everything is going on the guest are never left doing nothing and seeing nothing, Chef. Happy is preparing something for us on the teppanyaki table. Yes, his that is his real name and soon you’ll find out why that name is suitable for him.

In a jiffy shitake mushroom, egg tofu, onion and pumpkin are served. These are something to begin the world of teppan to us. Definition of Teppan-yaki from wikipedia.org:

Teppanyaki (鉄板焼き teppan-yaki?) is a style of Japanese cuisine that uses an iron griddle to cook food. The word teppanyaki is derived from teppan (鉄板), which means iron plate, and yaki (焼き), which means grilled, broiled or pan-fried. In Japan, teppanyaki refers to dishes cooked using an iron plate, including steak, shrimp, okonomiyaki, yakisoba, and monjayaki.
Ah, yes, my Salmon Sashimi, a very healthy dish that rich in nutrients and low in calories. Salmon are also known to have high contain of a fat that good for you, what’s that? You already knew? Than, why don’t you eat some?!
Yes, most of normal people, like me ¯\(°_o)/¯ , not really a fan of eating raw fish or in this case salmon, but I do find Tairyo’s Salmon to be the least fishy and I bear with it. I can eat it  ⊙0⊙  amazing! And if you add some ginger pickles with the salmon, it add another dimension of consuming the raw salmon, their become a perfect match made in heaven.

The salmon are juicy, moist, delicate and tender while the pickle is sweet and tangy plus the texture is the opposite of the salmon. LOVE it! I found a new way of eating the raw salmon. Tairyo’s ginger pickles are a delight. Fresh, sweet, add a warm sensation in the end and a kick of a zing-iness. Aahhh, another little touch that make differences.

And here comes the meat, Roarr! The carnivore in me is officially awaken, the smell is soooooo divine.  While looking at the US Flank Bone being grilled, I was looking at Chef. Happy and how he cook the food, he put so much care in his work and it’s a wonderful scene.
And my Grilled US Flank Bone is ready! With a fork I can easily detach the meat, they are melting in my mouth, all these time I’m watching a cooking show or a food guide where they say the meat melt in the mouth and can’t never understand what they meant . . . until now. The meat is melting in my mouth and they are so goooooood.  {{{(>_<)}}}
Then another favorite dish by a lot of female present is a Mushroom (Enoki) Beef Roll, the beef is again so tender and the mushroom is lovely and fresh. Another round, please! From the meat to the mushroom with sauce that you already feels happy to eat it with a bowl of warm rice, this dish is yummy with a capital Y.
Then it’s cod fish time with Tairyo’s Sauce which is miso paste, it is salty, but you’ll love the sensation going on with the thick white meaty fish . . . I crave some more now, as I’m writing it.
Now, it’s time for some aphrodisiac! Fresh Oyster! If it ain’t fresh don’t eat it and Tairyo is serving them fresh!
See! Look at Chef.Happy expression, he’s like cooking for his children, lot’s of love and tender care, that’s why all the meals from him taste Oh-So-Good! Tairyo have eyes for talented and dedicated chefs.
Burn baby burn, this is how Oysters are cooked here.
And they taste juicy! Fresh, salty, a bit hot and lovely!
After a set of oysters which is from the sea and rich in minerals now we are given French Lamb Chop that so greasy and oh my, the gorgeous fat that have a crunch on the outer layer and soft inside is just a must try! Yes, they are fat, it shows a high quality lamb that are soft and juicy.

Boiled Ox Tongue with Red Wine Sauce is ready . . . without any hesitation and full trust to the chef (he did gives me undoubtedly delicious foods all along) I try it and  . . . they are not bad, not bad at all. They are sweet and all the spices and ingredients put there was able to remove the ‘smell’ that usually avoided by many. Incredible!

At this stage my stomach is almost full and usually anything taste the same and I thought there couldn’t surprise me no more . . .
I was wrong! Medium well  Sliced High Rib Beefsteak makes my stomach feels empty and hungry again, tender, juicy, meaty and smooth. I want some more!

Then it’s fried rice, at this stage? Yes! This is also one of the Japanese custom, they ate the whole dish then the rice last.

My Fried Rice with Garlic is perfectly seasoned and tiny cubes of meats with veggie is delightful. I’m happy, truly happy.

Wait, they are not done yet, the Grilled Chicken Steak with Garlic Sauce is so juicy, none of us ever eat a chicken this good, we all surprise how an everyday household ingredients can turned into something that extraordinary, it’s like your chicken satay meat dream come true, roasted and grilled outside, well cooked and juicy inside and all the flavors are absorbed in the chicken.

Last of the meat and DEFINITELY not the least is Great Fishing Cold Steak that are sublimed!

Love it to the max and really a complement to all the meals here. The cubed steak is juicy and yum yum yum yum ♥‿♥

You think all the meals here are too tiny? Look at some of my leftover? Their portion are huge! I see many regulars here and they seem really enjoy the meals that worth bargain for. For the price you pay you get high quality ingredients that are fresh, cooked with special care, with fast and attentive services from the staff, abundant portion, and an ambiance like no other. When you come here alone, the staff and chef are friendly and they’ll chat with you during the whole dining experience, if you come with your love ones they do have space for just the two of you, buddies? Families? It’s an experience worth sharing for and you’ll love it more and become a part of your group.

After all the meat the bloggers are having some fun with games, the picture belong to Mr.Adhi (Grand Indonesia) since I’m taking part in making a simple sushi with Japanese cucumber (Zucchini) inside. The special Japanese rice well cooked mixed with Japanese vinegar, sugar and salt, Nori, and Zucchini sticks. Roll it all together using the sushi making bamboo and off you go. Some tips including wet your hands before touching the rice, roll it firmly in square shape, before cutting dip your knife using water.


Then after the games is over it’s Banana Flambe time! What’s that, it’s basically a banana tempura cooked with ice cream on top, simple isn’t it? Let’s see . . .

Woaaaa!!! Look at those fire! This is the highlight of the dessert! Feels like I’m having a camp night with bunch of my friends and at the last night after a journey being together in harmony we have make a fire and reflects all the wonderful moments we’ve shared together, and it’s feels like it now.

And the Banana Flambe? Taste oh-so-good! The crisp of the skin with how sweet the banana and how cold and soft the ice cream is, just like a multicolor firework of sensation in our mouth. Delicious!! Everyone is indulging the dessert with none left on their plate . . . it tells about how good it is.

And it’s a wrapped y’all! Thank you so much for the excellent dining experience and everything you put us through, the informational workshop, games, meet and greet and all within is just a perfect 10 and worth sharing for.

Readers, I hope you enjoy my post and LIVE tweet on Friday, if not, you can still check them out and get that first bite experience with me and try them by yourself, whatever your heart desire of how and what your preference in meat and how cooked they are, just tell your chef in Tairyo and let them have it YOUR way.

Thank you Grand Indonesia and Tairyo for the one of the kind experience, and Moments To Go (Facebook) + @MomentsToGo (Twitter) for all the lovely memorabilia.